60s Annual Gathering RSVP

CHS 60s Annual Gathering

“Forming, renewing, building and maintaining friendships”


June 29, 2019 –Updates to June 1 email are in red below!

Our Annual ALL 60s CHS Multi-Class Gathering is less than two months away (August 23-24)!

with the classes of ’60 - ‘69 and those who identify with members of those classes. 

This is an expansion of last year’s First Annual mid-60s CHS reunion

Please help us get the word out by sharing with all your friends who attended CHS in the 60s!  We have connections to some classes through their websites but want to reach as many people as we can.


Check this website listed below and your own class website or Facebook page often as plans are still being updated. 


once you click this link, you should see the “save the date” display;

then look to the yellow box on the left of this page.  The first listing will be “60s Annual Gathering 2019”

then click the arrow to the RIGHT of that listing and you should be able to open this RSVP form.

There are other links available for the Small Group Activities and Wining and Dining in Corvallis!

There is also a Facebook Page hosted by Bob Hansen that will have updates:
The Facebook page name is:   Corvallis High School ‘60’s Annual Gathering

Please visit (and “Like” it!) to let your friends find it.

Here is a link to the Visit Corvallis website:


It provides lists of places to stay, dine and visit during your stay. Corvallis has grown a lot since the 60s!

Kent Smith (class of ’66) is organizing a group of identified “first responders” who will have special identification on their name tags at the events.  If you are trained as an EMT, nurse, doctor or have current first aid certification and would like to help out, please contact Kent.

677 Maxwell Ave S.

Monmouth, OR 97361



You can also Include your contact information on the returned RSVP and it will be sent to Kent.




Due to the number of classes invited, we would be grateful to hear from you as soon as possible if you plan to attend!  (by or before August 1 if at all possible). 

We anticipate that some may not know that they can come until the last minute, so if that is the case, please let us know when you decide, even if it is just days before. 

In fact, don’t let lack of pre-registration keep you or anyone else you know from coming even if it is the “day of”!


Please email Judy Hennings Butler at CHS60sAnnualGathering@gmail.com  with the information on the next page

or print out the page and mail to: 

CHS Multi-Class Gathering, c/o Judy Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis OR  97333-1334



___________# people who will attend the Friday night event at the Country Club

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic at Willamette Park with provided catered lunch

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic and bring their own lunch.  IF this is the only event that you are attending this weekend and you are bringing your own food, there is no charge for this event.

Names (and CHS affiliation, if applicable) of those attending




Preferred Contact information _______________________________________________


Check enclosed ($15-25**/person)___________________________


$25/person     for those wishing to attend BOTH the Friday evening event at the Country Club and the catered picnic on Saturday at Willamette Park.

$15/person     for those only wishing to attend the Friday evening event at the Country Club

$15/person     for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic with catered lunch

no charge        for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic & bring their own lunch.


You can make a check out to: 

CHS 60s Annual Gathering

And mail it to Judy Hennings Butler; 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis, OR 97333

If you want to attend and the cost is a problem for you, come anyway!  We want to make sure that everyone can join! 

Some classes will not be doing USPS mailings to class members so please help share this information with your classmate friends who are not on the class email lists. 

Also, please update your email information with your class website managers so you stay informed about this event!

Thank you!

Judy Hennings Butler, CHS ’65

On behalf of the Planning Committee


Details for Annual CHS 60s Gathering,  August 23-24, 2019

Who:   All those “who walked the halls of CHS during the 60s” or identify with them


What-1:  Friday, August 23 Gathering at the Corvallis Country Club   

Address1850 SW Whiteside Dr, Corvallis, OR 97333 

         Friday, August 23rd a casual-dress evening event at the Corvallis Country Club with a no-host bar. Hearty snacks provided and there is a no-host bar available.  This will be from 7-11 pm

Wearing Vintage Spartan or other 60s clothing is plus.

This is an after-dinner event so plan to join with friends/family for dinner on your own in Corvallis then come to the Country Club afterwards. 

What-2:  Saturday, August 24th Picnic at the Rotary Shelter (closest to the river) at Willamette Park

Address1350 SE Goodnight Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333  (off Highway 99W heading south out of Corvallis)

Saturday, August 24th a casual picnic at the beautiful Rotary Shelter at Willamette Park.  We have the shelter from 8-5 and you are welcome to come at 10:00 for coffee and visiting (or come earlier and help set up!). There are new bathrooms now right by the Rotary Shelter!

catered picnic lunch (assorted sandwiches, salads, desserts and water) will be available from 11-1 to those registering in advance (though if there is enough food, you are welcome to pay and partake on that day!). 

Other options are bringing takeout from a Corvallis restaurant/grocery store or your favorite dishes from home.

This is a busy park in the summertime with a lot of river float traffic!  There is ADA parking right by the shelter but if you come later and cannot find a parking spot close enough for you to walk, please call 541-760-1073 and we will make every effort try to help you get from where you are to where you need to go!

What-3:  Small Special Interest (Boutique) Events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Additionally, a very active group of classmates in the Portland area has worked hard to provide many offerings for small, organized “boutique events”. 

These events will be held on Friday before the evening gathering, on Saturday before or after the picnic event, or on Sunday while folks are still in town.  Also possibilities for events in the following week and continuing into September!

Check out the bike rides, hikes, a float trip on the river, a walk around downtown Corvallis, a tour of the Benton County Historical Society in Philomath, Historic Trolley rides, a wrestling gathering with Coach Platt, local beer, wine and spirits tours and so much more! 

See all the details below!  There is an excellent Excel spreadsheet available on the Facebook page and at the gathering events.  If you would like to see it now, please email us at CHS60sAnnualGathering@gmail.com  to receive an emailed copy.


Memorandum for ALL-60’S CHS Spartans Attending the 2019 60’s Reunion

The two main events, Friday evening’s gathering at the Country Club and our picnic at Willamette Park on Saturday are the meeting places for all of us. These are simply additional ways that you may explore our home town and its surrounding areas and to enjoy connecting with smaller groups of CHS graduates with shared interests. Only the titles are in red after this, but everything is new from the initial RSVP form!


Friday, August 23, 2019--Day 1

1.  SUBJECT:  Bike ride to Philomath Oregon, Lunch in Philomath

DATE:  Friday, August 23, 2019 

START TIME:  Arrive at Willamette Park with bikes by 9:00 and ready to ride at 9:30.  This ride is approximately 7 miles one way.  Our lunch will be at 11:30-1:00, approximately

END TIME:  Gathering Together Farm, 25159 Grange Hall Road, Philomath OR
                    Participants will pay for their own lunches

NECESSARY EQUIPMENT:  Road bikes, helmets, water and some experience 
biking in a group on some busy roads.  We are limited to 8-10 riders for safety reasons.  

LIMITATIONS:  This is a small venue, A table for 8-10 has been reserved for the bike riders; however, there are other tables available and anyone is welcome to join us but will need to make reservations at this venue.   They are not set up for a large group dining experience.  

Please feel free to check out Gathering Together Farm’s website for times that meals are served.  You are welcome to make this one of your destinations separate from a planned event.  It is charming and well-prepared farm fare.  

Point of contact for participating in the bike ride portion will be tamara.markham@gmail.com 

You are invited to make reservations at 541-929-4270 and drive to the restaurant


2. SUBJECT:  Benton County Historical Society

DATE/TIME:  Friday, August 23, 1:30 PM

ACTIVITY:  Bike or drive to 1101 Main Street Philomath OR
                  This museum is housed in the historic Philomath College Building
                  This building is on the National Register of Historic Places

WHAT YOU WILL SEE:  The Moreland Gallery, which is part of the museum, showcases the work of local and regional artists. During our reunion weekend, there will be a quilt show titled “Boundaries” put on by the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA-Valley South). 

The entire collection in the rest of the museum is made up of local, regional and national artifacts, as well as international objects and natural history specimens.  There is a wide variety of fascinating objects from the past which includes cars to quilts, fashions to fossils, inkwells to insects.   

END TIME:  In time to bike or drive back into Corvallis to have some dinner and drive up to the Country Club for the 7:00 large group gathering.

We do encourage you to visit this excellent museum anytime on Friday or Saturday.  They are open from 10:00 am-4:30 pm.  

There is no need to RSVP for this event 

This lovely old building is accessible for all abilities


Saturday, August 24, 2019-- Day 2

1.  SUBJECT:  Bald Hill Hike, Parking at Trailhead                  

DATE/TIME:  Saturday, August 24, 9:00 am-10:30, before our picnic at Willamette Park.  Day 2

DESCRIPTION:  This is a beautiful hike along paved paths that winds its way up Bald Hill.  Bob Hansen has graciously offered to guide us on this 1.5 (approx.) hike up to the top of Bald Hill.  This is an easy to moderate hike and the view from the top of Bald Hill is beautiful in all directions.  If you google Bald Hill, Corvallis, there is a very nice description of the hikes and pictures of the scenery.  It is rated #4 in Trip Advisor for what to do exploring around the Corvallis area. 

WHAT TO BRING:  Water, sun protection, binoculars if you have them, though not necessary.  

END TIME: Just in time to head for Willamette Park and the Picnic

Please RSVP to tamara.markham@gmail.com We will send each person who signs up with additional information.


2.  SUBJECT:   Finley National Wildlife Refuge 

DATE/TIME:  Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 2:30pm, after our picnic at Willamette Park.  Day 2

LOCATION:   Finley NWR is off 99W approximately 12 miles beyond the entrance to Willamette Park.  It is recommended that we carpool from the picnic.  The Refuge Nature Store and the main starting point is approximately 2 miles on an unpaved road.

ACTIVITY:  Guided walks or walks on your own through these beautiful wetlands and upland oak savanna.  RISKS  poison oak.  For this activity, we will need to know in advance how many people will be interested.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  This is a lovely facility which includes a Nature Store.  The refuge covers 5,325 acres.  You may read about this beautiful refuge online, if you wish.  Its wetlands and uplands attract biodiverse animals, plants, and trees.  The trails are well marked but we believe that our visit will be enhanced if we are led by the volunteers for parts of it.   

WHAT YOU NEED:  This is a predominately flat walk.  The trail that we took was a very interesting 1 mile loop.  In August, it will be warm and dry.  It would be wise to bring water and comfortable walking apparel.   We would also recommend binoculars.  There is also a photo blind for those who enjoy nature photography.

We have let the refuge know that there could be as many as 25 people interested in learning more about the refuge and that we would limit the number of vehicles to 6.  Carpooling will be essential.    

Further details will be provided as we see the level of interest.  Since we do need to let the Fish and Wildlife Service representative know what it is that we would like to see and do, if this interests you, please contact tamara.markham@gmail.com before August 1


3.  SUBJECT:   Wrestlers Take Center Mat  


DESCRIPTION:  This special invite is to every Corvallis High wrestler (and every fan of Spartan wrestling), especially to those coached by John Platt.  Why?  Coach did so much to teach us not only about wrestling, but about life itself.  And Coach is joining us this August for the 2nd summer gathering of 1960’s Corvallis High Spartans.  But at this wrestling event there will be no weigh-in, no cans of “hustle,” and no half-Nelsons—just a great time with Coach and teammates for life.  Ron and Moe Sather are hosting the gathering at their Corvallis home, 678 SW 35th.  Slices of Woodstock pizza and beverages served around 5:00 PM.

Please RSVP:  Call/text Chris McKay (703) 855-8534 for more information


Sunday, August 25, 2019--Day 3

1.  SUBJECT:   Willamette River Float

DATE: Sunday, August 25, 2019

START TIME: All watercraft depart down stream at 10:30 AM.

ACTIVITY: A float on the Willamette River is planned for the ALL-60’s CHS Reunion in August. Following is basic information and description of the activity.

WATERCRAFT: Non-motorized canoes, kayaks, inflatable rafts as well as other similar water craft. Most participants will provide their own water craft. Others may arrange to ride with another classmate.

PLACE: Launch from Willamette Park boat ramp in Corvallis, river mile 132.9. Travel north on the Willamette River to Hyak Park (Benton County side) at river mile 122.0.  Total length of float 10.9 miles.

END TIME: Approximately 3:00 PM at Hyak Park followed by vehicle transport back to Willamette Park (start point) in Corvallis.

LUNCH: Participants should pack their own lunch and beverages.

Further details will be provided before the reunion.

We would like to start building a roster of classmates interested in the float. This will help with planning.

Point-of-Contact for the Float:  Kent Smith, Class of '66 

RSVP to Kent at telephone (503) 837-0218; email:  kentsmith448@gmail.com

Or mail to:  677 Maxwell Avenue S., Monmouth, Oregon 97361.


2.  SUBJECT:   Mary's Peak Hike (please indicate preferred date when you RSVP!)

DATE: Sunday, August 25, 2019; OR Sunday, September 15th; OR Sunday, September 29th

START TIME:  9:00 from the Mary’s Peak parking lot.  We will provide the folks who sign up for this activity with directions and distance from Corvallis in order to plan your departures and arrivals to the Mary’s Peak parking lot.

This may become an event for September 15 or September 29 for those who would like to do the river float on Sunday the 25th.  September 15 and September 29 are Sundays following Saturday home OSU football games.  If enough people would like to do this hike on these days, we’ll have a sign up list at our reunion main events.  Or you can email Tami Oberson Markham or Ann Truax.   We will arrange for a volunteer to meet us in the parking lot on top of Mary’s Peak for a geologic, geographic, flora, and fauna talk before we hike on some of the trails.   

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION:  This will be a volunteer led activity.  We will, therefore, need your RSVP in order to plan accordingly.  The volunteers will be provided by the Mary’s Peak Alliance and the Willamette Watershed.  These groups focus on the ecology, culture and geologic history of Mary’s Peak. 

WHAT TO BRING:  It will be important to wear comfortable hiking/walking shoes. Bring adequate water, walking sticks if needed, and light snacks if desired, and your Senior National Parks Pass.  

COST:  There is no cost, just a wonderful opportunity to learn about an iconic part of our experience of having lived close to this important mountain.

Our committee would like to begin building a roster of people interested in this activity.  We can then provide the Mary’s Peak Alliance with numbers of participants so that they can plan accordingly.

Please respond to Ann Truax:  anntruax@gmail.com  or Tami Markham:  TamaraMarkham@gmail.com . More details will be provided at the reunion. ALSO, you can always drive on up to the top of Mary’s Peak anytime.  The view is spectacular on a clear day.  The trails are wide.  You don’t need to hike to find a picnic table near the parking lot.  Remember to bring your Senior National Parks Pass to hang on your mirror.


On Your Own During the Gathering or Later Dates

1.  SUBJECT:   Par 3 Golf at Golf City, 2115 NE Highway 20 

DATE:  This option is available anytime during the weekend.  It opens at 9:00 am and closes at 8:00 pm.  

COST:  For all of us over 65, the cost for the Par 3 course is $8.00 and they will lend irons to you free of charge.  

DESCRIPTION:  This is a 9-hole course that opened in 1978.  It was designed by Ed Burns.  There is also a putt putt option for $5.60

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Its phone number is 541-753-6213 if you would like to check out availability.  It appears that the busiest times are from 3:00-6:00 on Saturdays.  

FACILITIES:  There is a grill and pub on the premises if a group would like to play nine holes and grab dinner Saturday afternoon and or breakfast Saturday morning. 

This is an option where you might like to gather up a foursome or two on your own time.  Maybe some of us former golfers from Corvallis High’s team should challenge one another once again. 

Please let me know if you have an interest and need help connecting with other folks who would enjoy playing golf together.  I can then let the people at Golf City know of our intentions so that they can make plans.  Once again, please contact Tami Markham tamara.markham@gmail.com

2.  SUBJECT:   Historic Homes Trolley Tour

DATE:  This tour happens every Saturday in July and August and will be an option for August 24th

START TIME: Check in by 12:45 pm –see details below for reservation and meeting place

Join in a guided driving tour of the gorgeous historic homes in and around downtown.  Ride in comfortable antique style in an old-fashioned trolley as an informed guide explains the history and architecture behind the beautiful homes on the tour.

The Historic Homes Trolley Tour is an annual tradition in Corvallis and a great way to cap off a Saturday morning at the lively Farmers Market.  A beautiful vintage trolley, (with all the modern conveniences, like handicap accessibility and air conditioning) is driven on a tour of the lovely old homes in and around downtown Corvallis.

A knowledgeable guide will regale you with the history of the home, architectural details, and a bit of history about the families who lived there and in the area.  This tour is free.

DETAILS:  Reservations are highly recommended!  Please call the visitor center at 541-757-1544 or 1-800-334-8118 to make your reservation.  We cannot reserve the trolley for a special group, not even for CHS 60’s graduates!  You are highly encouraged to reserve this opportunity NOW for August 24th, if you wish to do this tour.

Please arrive and check in for the tour by 12:45 PM. The tour leaves at 1:00 PM which means that you’ll need to leave our picnic early.  

Meet at the Benton County Courthouse at 120 NW 4th Street.  The trolley will park in front of the courthouse and leave from there.

The tours are about an hour and a half long.

You’ll be dropped off near City Hall, located at 501 SW Madison Ave., and you are welcome to park near City Hall or in the City Hall parking lot.  (Avoid parking spaces marked with yellow).

There is no wait list for reservations.  They will accept walk-ons for the tour if room allows.  Walk-ons will be seated in any open seats 5-10 minutes before the trolley leaves

3.  SUBJECT:   McMinnville-Dayton Winery Tour

DATE:   By pre-arrangement with interested participants we will choose a day between Monday, August 26th and Thursday, August 29th following the All-60s Gathering.

DESCRIPTION: Mike Franklin (Class of 65) has proposed the possibility of a small group visit to three wineries in the McMinnville-Dayton area.  These wineries may include Archery Summit, Brooks Winery, and ending with Willamette Valley Vineyards.  

First winery of the day would be an in-depth tour (Archery Summit); 2nd (Brooks) known for its white wines in a red wine area; Willamette Vineyards has a tasting room with a great view looking south in the Willamette Valley and filling hors d'oeuvres.  Websites for named wineries: https://www.archerysummit.com ; https://brookswine.com          https://www.wvv.com

COST: Wine tasting at three wineries, tour at one winery, lunch, light dinner at last winery if desired.  If large crowd, transportation rental

RSVP: In order to make adequate plans for transportation and to make reservations with each winery for a more complete and interesting tour, we will need to receive your interest on or before July 28th.

To RSVP, please contact Mike Franklin MichaelEFranklin@comcast.net

4.  SUBJECT:   Corvallis Farmers' Market

Date:  Saturday, August 24th, 9:00 am -1:00 pm

If interested, a group could meet at 1st and Jackson to walk through the market, perhaps enjoying some of the offerings for breakfast.  

This event is a popular weekly gathering on Saturdays and Wednesdays in Corvallis during the market season.  There is music as well as locally grown foods.  If you would like to check out this option ahead of time http://locallygrown.org  has more information and photos.

5. SUBJECT:  Neighborhood Walking and Biking Tours

On Friday night, August 23rd, you will receive packets of information that will include 10 pamphlets which describe neighborhood walking or biking tours.

The descriptions of these architectural, historic and cultural areas are interesting and might include some of the neighborhoods where your families lived or are still living.  Examples are:

College Hill West, Franklin Square, Atomic Ranch Neighborhood, Avery-Helm Historic District and South Central Park.

6. SUBJECT:  Local Wine, Beer and Cider Tasting Rooms

At the end of the document, "Wining and Dining in Corvallis", which will be available on line and in the packets, there is a list of venues that are open in the afternoons and can be easily explored by foot or by car during the weekend.




There will be no general banquet dinner this year, other than the wrestler’s dinner with John Platt, so people are free to spend Friday evening before the Country Club event, Saturday evening or any other free times as they choose.  Following are some ideas:



Sky High Brewing & Pub

160 NW Jackson


“Our pub with full kitchen is open for lunch and dinner at 11am daily!! Come enjoy world class beers and elevated pub fare in our 4-story renovated building with sunset views over Corvallis. Eat and drink heartily on our heated porch, indoor dining room, indoor/outdoor bar, Tap Room and rooftop (in seasonb).”

The rooftop terrace is very large and might be a good place to start for happy hour and eventually dinner, as they have an extensive pub menu, as well as a good selection of beer and full bar.  It is close to the Riverfront Park in downtown Corvallis, and there are a number of other interesting restaurants within easy walking distance.



Big River (American, fresh local ingredients)

101 NW Jackson


Happy hour 4-6 pm and 9:30 to close

Pride themselves on local organic produce, natural meats, and sustainable seafood.

Nice private outdoor patio eating area.  Adjacent to Riverfront Park

ranchers and foragers. Our bread bakery, located on-site, crafts artisan loaves daily. Our bar


101 Eat & Drink (bar, small plates, burgers)

101 NW Jackson


Happy hour 4:30-6:30 Monday-Saturday

Partner bar/restaurant to Big River, specializing in happy hour and featuring smaller plates and burgers.


Sada Sushi & Izakaya (sushi and Japanese cuisine)

151 NW Monroe


Hand-crafted sushi bar and authentic Japanese cuisine


TacoVino (wine bar and tacos)

151 NW Monroe


Homemade tortillas, local ingredients, no reservations


DeMaggio’s New York Pizza

151 NW Monroe


New York style pizza, pasta, salads, cocktails and beer


Memphis Beats – Tennessee barbecue food truck

520 SW 4th


Barbecue, Southern specialties, rave reviews!


Magenta (Asian fusion, American)

137 SW 2nd


Happy hour 4:30-6:30


Koriander (Korean and Asian fusion)

215 SW 3rd




150 SW Madison


Salad, sandwiches, pasta, brunch on weekends (9:00-3:00) in stylish, charming decor


Squirrels Tavern

100 SW 2nd


Traditional tavern with salads, burgers, sandwiches


Flat Tail Brewing

202 SW 1st


Classic pub and sports bar



New Morning Bakery

219 SW 2nd


Open Monday-Saturday 7 am – 9 pm, Sunday 8 am – 8 pm

Good for breakfast and lunch, or a quick bite at any other time


Broken Yolk Café

119 SW 3rd


Open 7 days a week 7 am – 3 pm



150 SW Madison


Open 9 am-9 pm on Saturday and Sunday


Baguette Vietnamese Sandwiches  (banh mi and Vietnamese cuisine)

121 SW 3rd


Laughing Planet

127 NW 2nd


Simple healthy dishes, quick counter service



The local wineries are open only in the afternoon (except Emerson, which has live music Friday evening 6-9 pm), and do not serve food.  They are worth exploring, though, for anyone who is not partaking in other afternoon activities!  You can also Google “Corvallis Breweries” or check out the “Visit Corvallis” website to find a vast array of beer and mead establishments.

Tyee Wine Cellars

26335 Greenberry Rd.  (10 miles south of Corvallis off 99W)


Open noon-5 pm Saturdays and Sundays

Small family winery on old family farm with picnicking, wine tasting, and hiking trails


Emerson Vineyards

11665 Airlie Rd., Monmouth (15 miles north of Corvallis off 99W)


Open every day noon – 5 pm

Friday, Aug 23 – Live music 6-9 pm with Memphis Beats barbecue food truck


Airlie Winery

15305 Dunn Forest Rd., Monmouth (20 miles NW of Corvallis off 99W)


Open Thursday-Monday, 12:00-5:00 pm

Outdoor picnic area (bring your own food)

Sunday, Aug 25 – live jazz 3-6 pm (tickets $10 – can be purchased online)


Lumos Wine Co.

24000 Cardwell Hill Drive



Open noon – 6 pm Saturdays and Sundays

Tasting room in barn on family farm with view of Coast Range and Mary’s Peak


Springhill Cellars Winery

2920 NW Scenic Dr., Albany


Open Friday-Sunday 11:30-5:30

Wine tasting in barn


2 Towns Ciderhouse

33930 SW Eastgate Circle, Suite E, Corvallis (2 miles E of Corvallis on Highway 34)


Taproom open Thursday-Saturday 12:00-9:00, Sunday 12-7:00 (no minors)