60s Annual Gathering RSVP

CHS 60s Annual Gathering

“Forming, renewing, building and maintaining friendships”

July 24, 2019 –Updates to June 29 email are in red below!

Our Annual ALL 60s CHS Multi-Class Gathering is less than a month away (August 23-24)!

with the classes of ’60 - ‘69 and those who identify with members of those classes. 

This is an expansion of last year’s First Annual mid-60s CHS reunion

Please help us get the word out by sharing with all your friends who attended CHS in the 60s!  We have connections to some classes through their websites but want to reach as many people as we can.

Check this website listed below and your own class website or Facebook page often as plans are still being updated. 


You do not need to log in to this website to see the All 60’s information.

once you click this link, you should see the “save the date” display;

then look to the yellow box on the left of this page.  The first listing will be “60s Annual Gathering 2019”

then click the arrow to the RIGHT of that listing and you should be able to open this RSVP form, important information about the small group adventures and a guide to wining and dining in Corvallis.

If you are interested in the small group adventures, look closely at the section "2019 Small Group Options" as some events have RSVP dates well in advance of the event (Dundee winery tour, Finlay Wildlife Refuge, Mary’s Peak, Bike ride to Philomath, etc.)

There is also a Facebook Page hosted by Bob Hansen that will have updates:
The Facebook page name is:   Corvallis High School ‘60’s Annual Gathering

Please visit (and “Like” it!) to let your friends find it.

Here is a link to the Visit Corvallis website:


It provides lists of places to stay, dine and visit during your stay. Corvallis has grown a lot since the 60s!

Kent Smith (class of ’66) is organizing a group of identified “first responders” who will have special identification on their name tags at the events.  If you are trained as an EMT, nurse, doctor or have current first aid certification and would like to help out, please contact Kent.

677 Maxwell Ave S.

Monmouth, OR 97361



You can also Include your contact information on the returned RSVP and it will be sent to Kent.



Due to the number of classes invited, we would be grateful to hear from you as soon as possible if you plan to attend!  (by or before August 1 if at all possible). 

We anticipate that some may not know that they can come until the last minute, so if that is the case, please let us know when you decide, even if it is just days before. 

In fact, don’t let lack of pre-registration keep you or anyone else you know from coming even if it is the “day of”!


Please email Judy Hennings Butler at CHS60sAnnualGathering@gmail.com  with the information on the next page

or print out the page and mail to: 

CHS Multi-Class Gathering, c/o Judy Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis OR  97333-1334



___________# people who will attend the Friday night event at the Country Club

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic at Willamette Park with provided catered lunch

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic and bring their own lunch.  IF this is the only event that you are attending this weekend and you are bringing your own food, there is no charge for this event.

Names (and CHS affiliation, if applicable) of those attending




Preferred Contact information _______________________________________________


Check enclosed ($15-25**/person)___________________________


$25/person     for those wishing to attend BOTH the Friday evening event at the Country Club and the catered picnic on Saturday at Willamette Park.

$15/person     for those only wishing to attend the Friday evening event at the Country Club

$15/person     for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic with catered lunch

no charge        for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic & bring their own lunch.


You can make a check out to: 

CHS 60s Annual Gathering

And mail it to Judy Hennings Butler; 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis, OR 97333

If you want to attend and the cost is a problem for you, come anyway!  We want to make sure that everyone can join! 

Some classes will not be doing USPS mailings to class members so please help share this information with your classmate friends who are not on the class email lists. 

Also, please update your email information with your class website managers so you stay informed about this event!

Thank you!

Judy Hennings Butler, CHS ’65

On behalf of the Planning Committee


Details for Annual CHS 60s Gathering,  August 23-24, 2019

Who:   All those “who walked the halls of CHS during the 60s” or identify with them


What-1:  Friday, August 23 Gathering at the Corvallis Country Club   

Address1850 SW Whiteside Dr, Corvallis, OR 97333 

         Friday, August 23rd a casual-dress evening event at the Corvallis Country Club with a no-host bar. Hearty snacks provided and there is a no-host bar available.  This will be from 7-11 pm

Wearing Vintage Spartan or other 60s clothing is plus.

This is an after-dinner event so plan to join with friends/family for dinner on your own in Corvallis then come to the Country Club afterwards. 

What-2:  Saturday, August 24th Picnic at the Rotary Shelter (closest to the river) at Willamette Park

Address1350 SE Goodnight Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333  (off Highway 99W heading south out of Corvallis)

Saturday, August 24th a casual picnic at the beautiful Rotary Shelter at Willamette Park.  We have the shelter from 8-5 and you are welcome to come at 10:00 for coffee and visiting (or come earlier and help set up!). There are new bathrooms now right by the Rotary Shelter!

catered picnic lunch (assorted sandwiches, salads, desserts and water) will be available from 11-1 to those registering in advance (though if there is enough food, you are welcome to pay and partake on that day!). 

Other options are bringing takeout from a Corvallis restaurant/grocery store or your favorite dishes from home.

This is a busy park in the summertime with a lot of river float traffic!  There is ADA parking right by the shelter but if you come later and cannot find a parking spot close enough for you to walk, please call 541-760-1073 and we will make every effort try to help you get from where you are to where you need to go!

What-3:  Small Special Interest (Boutique) Events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (and Beyond!)

Additionally, a very active group of classmates in the Portland area has worked hard to provide many offerings for small, organized “boutique events”. 

These events will be held on Friday before the evening gathering, on Saturday before or after the picnic event, or on Sunday while folks are still in town.  Also possibilities for events in the following week and continuing into September!

Check out the bike rides, hikes, a float trip on the river, a walk around downtown Corvallis, a tour of the Benton County Historical Society in Philomath, Historic Trolley rides, a wrestling gathering with Coach Platt, local beer, wine and spirits tours and so much more! 

See all the details in the section "Small Group offerings 2019"!  There is an excellent Excel spreadsheet available on the Facebook page and at the gathering events.  If you would like to see it now, please email us at CHS60sAnnualGathering@gmail.com  to receive an emailed copy.