Activities update 12-1-15

Updated Activities, 12-2-15

Hi everyone from Tamara ( Oberson) Markham,

Just wanted to alert you to some interesting things heading into Portland.  Looks like Corvallis' Science Pub has some interesting talks this month as well, Bob.  I've also included some music possibilities.
On Monday, December 7, OMSI Science Pub will offer a presentation called, Beyond Limits, High Altitude Adventure.  One of the presenters will be the first woman to climb Everest.  The other speaker is a physician who will talk about what happens to our bodies at high altitudes.  Doors open at 6:00pm and the talks run from 7-9pm.  
On Thursday, December 10, is the Wild Film Festival, sponsored by the Willamette Riverkeepers.  This will also be at the Hollywood Theater beginning at 7:00pm.  Tickets went on sale today at the NW REI.  I'm heading down tomorrow to see if they are available and if REI truly is selling them.  The tickets are $10 if purchased ahead of time and are $12 when purchased at the door.  It looks like these are short documentaries of people doing adventurous things. 
12/2 Update from Tamara: "I bought a ticket at REI for the Wild Film Festival.  The person who sold me the ticket was amazed at how many tickets were sold in just one day.  If you to go and want to purchase a ticket at the pre-event price, probably should do that fairly soon.”
Then, there's a second Science Pub presentation at OMSI on December 15 that will be the Physics of Rock'n Roll.  Once again it will run from 7:00-9:00pm.  Unless there's snow or ice, I typically ride my bike to the OMSI events.  Mostly it provides the chance to ride the bike over the Tilikum Crossing at night.  So, so beautiful.
You can check these options out on the helpful internet.  The Wild Film Festival information is on the Willamette Riverkeeper site.  The other two events are listed on Portland Science Pub…..sometimes I have to put OMSI in there somewhere and sometimes that doesn't work.  Mysterious technologies….
I sometimes attend "house concerts".  The one that looks interesting is listed on a site called,  Abbie Weisenbloom invites some terrific performers.  Her complete calendar is listed on her froggie site.  You can sign up to receive emails.  She has hosted over 200 concerts in her home.  I've been to 5-6 of them.  They were great fun.  Starts with a 6:30pm potluck.  Then the music starts at 7:30pm.  It's all very casual.  I've heard everything from classical to French fiddling with the foot stomping deal, amazingly gifted guitarists and roots fiddling.  The one that sounds like fun is on Friday, December 11 with Carl Sonny Leland, piano, Mary Flowers, guitar/vocals, and Rebecca Kilgore, vocals. It's a suggested donation of $20 at the door.  The other great feature is that Abbie sends these concerts into our homes through "concert window" if you can't go or live in another city like Corvallis.  It’s just not the same because the people who gather in Abbie's home are such fun and come together because of their love for music. 
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