Announcement & RSVP

CHS 60s Annual Gathering AND 55th Reunion (Class of ’65)

“Forming, renewing, building and maintaining friendships (in Changing Times)”


Our 3rd Annual ALL 60s CHS Multi-Class Gathering with the classes of ‘60 - ‘69 and those who identify with members of those classes is currently scheduled for August 28 and 29, 2020.  Given the uncertainty around pandemic distancing guidelines and the need to be safe, a final determination on gathering this year will be announced July 28th!  Stay tuned in by checking your class website or Facebook page for updates.

Also check this website:

You do not need to log in to this website to see the All 60’s information.

If you are not taken directly to the link above, go to homepage and Then look to the yellow box on the left of this page.  The first listing will be “60s Gathering & 55th Reunion” then click the arrow to the RIGHT of that listing. You should be able to open an RSVP form (and 2019 guide to wining and dining in Corvallis).  We will be revising the dining guide later this summer with updated information.

The Facebook Page hosted by Bob Hansen will also have up-to-date information.  The Facebook page is named Corvallis High School ‘60’s Annual Gathering.  Please visit (and “Like” it!) to let your friends find it.

Please, please help us get the word out by sharing with all your Spartan friends who are not on Facebook or the class websites.

Here is a link to the Visit Corvallis website:

This website provides lists of places to stay, dine and visit during your stay.  It is a great source for Corvallis in COVID-19 times. 

Kent Smith (class of ’66) is organizing a group of identified “first responders” who will have special identification on their name tags at the events.  If you are trained as an EMT, nurse, doctor or have current first aid certification and would like to help out, please contact Kent. or 503-837-0218


Current Plans for the Annual CHS 60s Gathering, August 28-29, 2020

Who:   All those “who walked the halls of CHS during the 60s” or identify with them


What-1:  Friday, August 28th Gathering at the Corvallis Club   

Address1850 SW Whiteside Dr, Corvallis, OR 97333 

Friday, August 28th a casual-dress evening event from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. at the Corvallis Club (formerly the Corvallis Country Club) 

Wearing Vintage Spartan or other 60s clothing is always a plus.

This is an after-dinner event so plan to join with friends/family for dinner on your own in Corvallis then come to the Corvallis Club afterwards. 


What-2:  Saturday, August 29th Picnic at the Rotary Shelter (closest to the river) at Willamette Park

Address1350 SE Goodnight Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333 (off Highway 99W heading south out of Corvallis)

Saturday, August 29th a casual picnic at the beautiful Rotary Shelter at Willamette Park.  We have the shelter from 8-5 and you are welcome to come at 10:00 a.m. for coffee and visiting (or come earlier and help set up).  There are new bathrooms right by the Rotary Shelter.

catered picnic lunch (assorted sandwiches, salads, desserts and water) will be available from 11-1 to those registering in advance (though if there is enough food, you are welcome to pay and partake on that day). 

Other options are bringing takeout from a Corvallis restaurant/grocery store or your favorite dishes from home.

This is a busy park in the summertime with a lot of river float traffic!  There is ADA parking right by the shelter but if you come later and cannot find a parking spot close enough for you to walk, please call 541-760-1073 and we will make every effort to help you get from where you are to the Rotary Shelter and back.


What-3: Saturday, August 29th A gala evening (6-10:30 pm) at Emerson Winery where all are invited to join the Class of 65 in celebrating their 55th reunion!  A catered BBQ dinner with no-host wine and beer and the Amos True Band will play.  Costs for dinner and the band are $30/person, $55/couple (for 55th reunion).

Address:  11665 Airlie Road, Monmouth Oregon 97361. 

The Winery is located about 10 miles north of Corvallis on highway 99 and then a left turn at the blinking yellow light onto Airlie Road.  It is two and a half miles west of intersection.  There is sign on the right and a right turn onto a paved road that leads up to the winery, about a mile off Airlie Road.

There will be a catered dinner from 6:30-7:30 provided by Double JJ Barbecue

Main Courses:  BBQ Tri Tip and Pork Ribs

Sides:  Cowboy Corn Bread, Smoked Beans, Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

Dessert: Cheese Cake

Drinks: Water and Soda Pop

Beer and Wine will be provided through a No Host Bar operated by Tom Emerson, owner of the winery, prices vary from $5.00 to $10.00/glass for the beverages.  He is licensed to sell beer and wine. Bottles of Emerson wines will also be available for sale.

Music will begin around 7:30 and be provided by the Amos True Band, it will be 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s Rock and Roll.  They will play until 10:30 with appropriate breaks.  

The site is beautiful with great views of the valley!  Chairs and tables will be available to sit at and eat the food.  There is a deck for the band and any folks who want to dance.  In case of inclement weather there is adequate inside space. 

It will be a fantastic party if we are not still quarantined!  Deposits are all refundable in the case that gatherings are still forbidden! 

The food will be prepared for an extra 10% overage so that last minute folks can be included in the festivities.

We will decide on July 28th if this event, along with the other All-60s events, will go forward. 

We would require reservations by August 1st and payment by August 15th, 2020.  We would allow payments up to August 29th also so don’t let that stand in your way!


Small Special Interest (Boutique) Events Due to the uncertain nature of the summer of Covid-19, there will be no small special interest events planned this year.  If on July 28th, we do decide to go forward with the All 60s Annual Gathering, we will encourage attendees to plan their own small gatherings during the event weekend.


Please Register by August 1


We would be grateful to hear from you by or before August 1 if at all possible.  We anticipate that some may not know if they will attend until the last minute, especially this year.  When you decide, even if it is just days before the gathering, please register.  But, don’t let the lack of pre-registration keep you or anyone else you know from coming even if it is the “day of.”  We really want to see you!   

Please email Judy Hennings Butler at  with the registration information asked for on the next page.   Or print the page, add your information and mail it to: 

CHS Multi-Class Gathering, c/o Judy Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis OR  97333-1334

Some classes will not be doing USPS mailings to class members so please help share this information with your classmate friends who are not on the class email lists. 

Also, please update your email information with your class website managers so you stay informed about this event!

Thank you!  Go Spartans!  And Be Safe!

Judy Hennings Butler, CHS ’65

On behalf of the Planning Committee






Even though a final decision will not be made on the events until July 28th, we would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible of your interest in attending should it be safe to do so.  This is not a commitment, until after July 28th, but will help so much with planning!  Thanks a lot.

___________# people who will attend the Friday night event at the Country Club

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic at Willamette Park with provided catered lunch

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic and bring their own lunch 

Names (and CHS affiliation, if applicable) of those attending Friday night, Saturday Picnic or both




Preferred Contact information _______________________________________________


For the All-60s events, payment will be accepted at the door.  You are welcome to send a check after the July 28th GO/No GO decision if that is more convenient for you though.

$25/person     for those wishing to attend BOTH the Friday evening event at the Country Club and the catered picnic on Saturday at Willamette Park.

$15/person     for those only wishing to attend the Friday evening event at the Country Club

$10/person     for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic with catered lunch

              no charge        for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic & bring their own lunch.

You can make a check out to: CHS 60s Annual Gathering and mail it to Judy Hennings Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis, OR  97333. Or wait and pay at the door!



  ___________# people who will attend the 55th reunion event hosted by the Class of 65 at Emerson Winery, Saturday evening from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.  See details and payment information

 Names (and CHS affiliation, if applicable) of those attending the Emerson Winery event


Preferred Contact information _______________________________________________

For the Saturday night dinner and band at the Emerson Winery, the organizers would like to have your payment by August 15th if possible.  If not, please pay at the door.  Costs for dinner and the band are $30/person, $55/couple.  Please make checks payable to “CHS Class of 65” and mail to Judy Hennings Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis OR  97333 between August 1 and August 15th.  Questions? Please email the event coordinator, Dale MacHaffie at