1985-Yuba City, California

      My husband, Henry, and I have two children. They are Teresa, 16, and Shaun, 11.  When we moved to Yuba City in 1978 we designed and built our home. I have an A. S. degree in electronics and a B. S. in Computer Science. I work as a computer specialist for Yuba City Unified School District.



1985-Taipei, Taiwan

      Greetings from Taiwan!!  My husband, Happy, and I and our boys, Benjamin and Daniel, are coping well enough as strangers in a strange land. Happy’s work has brought us here for probably two years. He works for Hewlett Packard as a computer applications consultant around the world. This is our first foreign assignment. Naturally we’re learning many interesting things.

       Mandarin is the official language here. I had a three month intensive course at Berlitz in San Jose which enabled me to barely speak to taxi and bus drivers and to go shopping.

      I enjoy deep involvement in satisfying Bible education works through the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. That work continues in Taiwan, too. With foreign living assignments a real possibility for the next ten years for us, I’m eager to get letters from home.



1985-Portland, Oregon

     Rick and I have been happily married for 18 years. We have four beautiful children—Kellie, 15; Adam, 8; Drew, 6; Nathanael, 4. We’ve lived in the northwest, Midwest and southern California. We’re now “planted” in Portland and love it. Rick is the District Sales Manager for Boise Cascade Office Products Division and I’m an Executive Assistant for Management Compensation Group.



1985-Helena, Montana

I’ve lived in Helena for 12 years. I have two children, a boy Ty, 15 years old  and a girl, Stacey, 10 years old. We’re very active in the outdoors. Lots of hunting, fishing, boating, skiing. We also raise a few horses. I’ve been in the Auto sales business for 14 years. Currently managing a dealership in Helena.



1985-Kenai, Alaska

     After my divorce in 1978 my children and I moved to Kenai, Alaska, about 100 miles south of Anchorage. I worked for the power company, as a secretary and bookkeeper, for one year.

     I attended Peninsula Community College for two years. There I met my present husband, Ken. We were married in March of 1980. After a short honeymoon in Hawaii, we returned to finish school and receive our associate degrees in applied science petroleum.

     Ken is currently installing floor covering andI am working part-time for my father’s furniture and carpet store.

      We keep active with our children: Scott, age 15 who is interested in sports and music, and Angela, age 11 who is interested in gymnastics and music.



1985-Tacoma, Oregon

      I am a wife and mother of 3 children—Kirk, 14; Elissa, 10; Jonathan, 6 mo.  My husband, Ralph, is a pastor, and we have been at Sunset Community Church in Tacoma since 1979.



1985-Salem, Oregon

After graduation I worked in Portland for a few months. In April 1966 I was married and moved to San Diego, CA. In 1968 I had a daughter, Debbie and in 1969 a son, Jim. In 1977 I divorced and moved to Salem, OR. I remarried in 1982. I am the secretary for the Oregon state Library for the Blind.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

Having rejected several lucrative employment offers from every corner of the continental USA I have chosen to reside in Corvallis. I am still married to Karen Taylor. We just celebrated our 18th anniversary. We have two children, Shelley, who is class president and has been accepted at Vasser even though she is only in the fifth grade and Toney, Jr. who is being courted by Princeton. Plan to work for three years before taking the yacht on a world cruise.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

     I have been owner of Corvallis Construction for about 10 yrs. We build mostly large custom homes. I have 3 boys, ages 17, 15 & 6 and one adopted Korean daughter, age 3. Spend time hunting, fishing and sailing.



1985-Tigard, Oregon

     Single and living in Tigard since ’78. Before that married and living in Chicago. One son, age 11. Work for accounting Dept. of and international firm in Portland area.

      Interests: Bench, mom, camping, reading.



1985-Portland, Oregon

     “What ever happened to the Class of ’65?” Ten years ago David Wallafinsby pondered that question in book form. Recently I discussed that same thought with a classmate of the Pacific Palisades. We all have been indelibly stamped by mutual experience.

      Our ideas interfaced wonderfully. Three things we miss; the Beatles, the aura of the 60’s generation and 35 cents gas. Things left behind: drugs, Vietnam and Watergate. A mixed bag of emotional relevance. 2 of 3 negative reminders are political in scope. Having escaped this trap by accepting the true neutral stand toward all worldly governments we have found real freedom in supporting a theocracy, God’s Kingdom, as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Mankind’s problems have enormous have become so enormous that it is imperative that all honest hearted persons give serious thought to the kingdom hope of the Creator restoring peace and happiness to our earth. We are living among that generation which shall see the of secular history as we know it. So what lies ahead? A very bight future. A earth flied with teachable persons, wise in momok, and totally NON-NUCLEAR, But until that time I shall continue to earn my livelihood as a marketing media consultant. Pursue my goal of finishing the reading of the Encyclopedia Brittanica age 40 and continue my community service.



1985-Milwaukie, Oregon

      Fourteen months after graduation I was involved in a serious auto accident in New York. I received multiple fractures and lacerations from the neck up. Once back in Oregon I received numerous facial reconstructive plastic surgery on my face and one surgery on my head. I have been happily married to my one and only husband, Barney, for 16 years. We have a son, Barry, who is 14 years old who is our pride and joy. We currently have a 15 year old dog and a 5 year old cat.



1985-Newport, Oregon

     Owned and operated Newport Sport Fishing until 10/83. Started teaching at Siletz Middle School. Wife Judy, son Nicholas, 6 yrs., and dog named Meg-a-bucks. Running the charter boat, Allegra, out of Sea full Charters in the summer.



1985-Spring Valley, New York

      Since graduation from U of O in 1969 I lived and worked on a small farm near Philomath, Oregon. While helping manage the First Alternative Food Cooperative. In 1975 I married Francine Adams from the Dalles, OR.

     We moved to England for 3 years and on to Germany for 3 years where I studied Massage and worked in a hospital as a Masseur.



1985-Springfield, Oregon

     Since our last reunion I let my job as an architect at Edwards AFB, California and returned to Oregon to work in facility design for the US Forest Service. We’ve been living in Springfield, OR and staying busy with our children.



1985-Salem, Oregon

     I enlisted in the U.S, Navy in October 1966 and served until November 1971. Upon discharge I began my college life:

     -OSU Jan 1971 to Dec. 1972. Linn-Benton 1973-1974. OSU 1974-1976.  I graduated from OSU in 1976 with a BS in Forestry Engineering. Following graduation I was employed by International Paper Co. as a Woodlands Technician, June 1976-March 1978; Maintenance Foreman, March 1980 to Nov, 1980; Plywood Maintenance Foreman, March 1980 to Nov. 1980; Third Shift Maintenance Foreman, Nov. 1980 to Nov. 1981; Unemployed Nov. 1981 to Nov. 1982.

      From June 1983 to May 1985 I was the Maintenance Supervisor for Reedsport School District. I am presently the Building Maintenance Superintendent for Marion County at Salem.

      I married Pamela Williams in Jan. 1969. I have two daughters: Diane, 16 and Debbie, 11. Pam and I are presently separated.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

      I have been married to my wife, Terre, for 13 years. We have 2 children, R. J. , age 7, and Tiffany, age 2. I went into business with my father and am now president and co-owner of our clothing store, located in downtown Corvallis.



1985-Carlisle, Iowa

Like most I haven’t done much. I married in 1969 to Carol Ann Mertes. We had a son in 1972, moved to The Dalles in 1974. Have been working 11 years for Martin Marrietta (now Commonwealth). Living The American Dream.



1985-Salem, Oregon

     Graduated from OSU in 1969 with major in elementary ed. Married Rob Miller U of O grad, class of 1967 in spring of 1969. Aught third grade in Salem from -69-’75. Resigned from teaching to hatch three children – Kathryn, David, Elizabeth. Work very part-time for Mt. Jefferson Farms-Rob’s business-doing the bookkeeping and some computer work. Highest priorities at this point are husband and family. Love sports, music and cooking when time permits.




1985-Salem, Oregon

     I’ve been with the Statesman Journal Newspaper in Salem for 20 years. I’m now an editorial assistant in the newsroom. My husband, Jim, and I enjoy boating as a hobby.



1985-Yamhill, Oregon

     After graduation I attended OSU for a year where I met my husband, Gordon. We have been married 19 years and have 2 wonderful children, Kevin, 14, and Darren, 11. We live at Yamhill where we operate Dromgoole Farms.

     We are active members of the Yamhill Christian Church, which owns a beautiful 100 year old church building. I have been active in Cub and Boy Scouts and various sport activities.

       Presently I’m employed as a secretary-treasurer for the Yamhill Country Farm Bureau/Northwest Farm Bureau Ins. Co.

      My husband has been on the Yamhill Grade School Board for 9 years and is presently on the Farm Bureau State Board.

      I enjoy my job and farm living is GREAT.



1985-North Vancouver, B. C.

      We’ve been living in Vancouver for the last 6 years where we all enjoy running, cycle touring and cross country skiing. I am involved with B. C.  Athletics and race 10km to marathon distances.




      Currently Benton County Parks Dept. Secretary /Receptionist for over 3 years. Teaching aide in Learning Resource Center at Central Linn High School prior to that: Corporate secretary/treasurer with Forest Seedlings, Inc. Before that faculty position as Research Assistant with OSU Anthropology Department; OSU graduation in Sociology in 1969. Daughter, Lori, born in March 1973; attends Cheldelin Intermediate School in Corvallis. Engaged to Bill Simpson, a fellow County employee who has two sons, Dale, 13, and Aaron, 16. I enjoy gardening, house plants, hiking and activities with friends and family.