35th Reunion-2000

                                         Jim Pierce’s 35th Report

CHS ’65 - 35th Reunion August 2000

Report from the Thirty-fifth Reunion

August 2000

The 35th reunion of the CHS class of 1965 is now a series of pleasant memories.  What a great gathering!!  There were 94 classmates plus spouses (who are now part of the class too) and a few families.

Dozens of people helped with reunion activities in so many different ways.  The most important was their participation!!  All the gatherings were informal, so there was a lot of mingling and chatter.  Everyone had a surprise or two.  I think everyone had a wonderful time and we hope for more of the same in 2005.

There were a few times when I caught myself (and others) spending a wistful moment just admiring the jabbering throng and reflecting back.  How much easier it is to babble now then when we were 18.  What different pathways we have taken.  Several classmates have retired.  A couple have tired of retirement and gone back to work again!!   We know of five classmates who died in the last five years, more from illness than accidents now.

Several classmates rode bicycles and motorcycles to the reunion.  Over a third of the classmates had to fly to get here.  A couple came all the way from Europe.   With such a widespread group, the biggest project over the next few years is to keep the class “mailing list” as current as possible.  We want to invite as many classmates as possible to the reunion.  If we can’t contact them, they can’t come.  It is especially critical that we get your information AND anything you know about classmates who have moved.

In the future we plan to maintain Class contact by:

         Address-Of course, USPS gives a 6-month window…sometimes

         E-mail-Least expensive, often changed, NO forwarding

         Phone-Quickest feedback if no phone tag, NO forwarding, cannot save or read information later

We will contact by email first, then mailing, then phone.  Please be patient with us.  We would rather have information twice then not at all.

Please put my contact information in your address book under CHS’65.  When you change your address, phone or email, please drop us a line so we don’t lose you.  Thanks!!!