1995-Houston, Texas

We fount out in May that I am being transferred from Ventura, California to Houston, Texas. Because we are moving this August and our three children, all married, are coming to visit just before, we will not be able to come to Corvallis for the reunion, We would have enjoyed the CHS tour and visiting old friends. This upcoming move is our eighth with Unocal, so we have made quite a few different friends in various places. Our children live in Wyoming, France and Korea so we don’t see them as often as we would like, bur are looking forward to having them and our three wonderful grandchildren together this summer.

As we have moved around, Robin has taken additional college classes in order to finish her degree in health education (she was a junior at OSU when we had our twins). She will now finish at the University of Houston next year. In my new position with Unocal, I will be traveling to all of Unocal’s world wide offices each year. We would like an international assignment sometime before retirement. We plan on going to Robin’s 30th reunion next year. Maybe we will see some of you there.

Spouse: Robin/homemaker & student; Children: Ages 22-26-26; Grandkids: Ages 1-1-4



1995-Albany, Oregon

School Bus Driver.

Spouse: Danny Powell; Children, Ages 16, 13, 12



1995-Portland, Oregon

Divorced; Children: Ages 18 & 24.



1995-Napa, California

After graduating from Cal. State Fullerton, I taught elementary school in Southern California for 4 years, stayed at home with my children for 10 years, and then taught part-time for Napa Valley College teaching Reading to developmentally disabled adults for 10 years. Currently I’m working at McCaulere’s Department Store in Napa and my husband, Fred, is at the Unocal San Francisco Refinery working as a Gasoline planner.

Our children are Jeff (20), just beginning a year’s stay in Germany in the CDS International Program, and Wendy (17), a high school senior this fall. I’m a volunteer at church and 4-H activities.

Spouse: Fred Swingle, Gasoline Planner/Unocal; Children: see above.



1995-Bakersfield, California

Bob and I have been married for 24 years and have two daughters. Tami is 20 years old, recently married and living in Logan, Utah. Kimi is 17 years old and will be a senior in high school next year. We have lived in Bakersfield the last 18 years. Bob is an investigator for the State of California. I am a social worker for Kern County.

Spouse: Robert, State Investigator; Children: Tami (20), Kimi (17)



1995-North Bend, Oregon

I have taught biology and marine biology at North Bend High School for 24 years and am head of the Science Dept. Coaching the J.V. boys basketball team occupies 5+ months of extracurricular time. I have been coaching select soccer teams for the past five years during the fall and the spring from under 12 to under 17 age groups. I enjoy birding and golf when time permits.

My wife, Mary, teaches English at North Bend High School and is a professional calligrapher. We enjoy cross country skiing and travel. She is helping me plan a soccer trip to England for the summer of 1996. We have two kids. Jeff is married and living in Portland. His younger brother, Chris, is a freshman at NBHS. Chris started on the varsity soccer and varsity golf teams this year and kept his grades at a respectable 3.7+ GPA.

Spouse: Mary, HS English teacher; Children: Jeff and Chris



1995-Portland, Oregon

I teach English as a Second Language at a Portland Middle School and I have two daughters (ages 13 and 16) so I spend a lot of time trying to outwit teenagers. With the energy I have left I like to camp, dance, travel and just sit and think. I’m working on my Spanish too. Last summer we traveled to Ecuador and lived with a local family, Next summer we hope to visit Costa Rica. Eventually I’d like to teach overseas and then, who knows. Retire on a cranberry farm???

Children: Daughters 13 & 16.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Accounting, computer, camping, hiking, exploring, boating, crocheting.

Spouse: Gerald Lehman; Children: Son (26) & daughter (28); Grandkids: Ages 7, 6, 1.



1995- Sugar Land, Texas

The big news with Mike and Nancy this year is that we’re moving to Texas. Mike’s been working for Unocal (76!) for over 20 years. Texas is the world center of the oil business and he’s been making 3 or 4 trips to Houston every year. We’re moving to the other end of those trips. We have built a new house in Sugar Land, southwest of Houston, and we will move into it this summer.

In the past several months, Nancy spent a lot of time and effort getting our California house ready for sale. Her other major activities have been centered on our daughters and our grandson. One of our priorities in building our new house has been to provide suitable guest space for the family.

Our daughters are out of the nest and established in southern California, so they won’t be moving with us. Our older daughter, Christina, works part-time at Tower Records. She’s married to a deputy sheriff and is the mother of a smart and active 5 year-old boy. Our youngest daughter, Michelle, graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1994 and is working in record promotion for Capitol Records in Burbank. She’s enjoying the record business.

Special Message: With the business of selling the house, moving and buying a house, we won’t make it to the 30th reunion. We’ll keep a good thought about seeing all our friends another time.



1995-Issaquah, Washington

Manager of Seattle office with Johnson Yokogawa Corp.

Graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology-1968

Hobbies: Hiking, boating, traveling

Spouse: Sue, teacher; Children: Daughter (22) married, Son (19).



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Bruce and I will celebrate 19 unforgettable years together this December. One of our most memorable times was 1983-86  when we both returned to college to complete our degrees while raising two young children. After three years of juggling home, school, work and childcare, I graduated from OSU with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology, Cultural Geography.

As it turns out, parenting is the toughest job we’ve ever had! None other has proven as joyful (yet painful) and frustrating (yet rewarding) than growing children into responsible adults! Our daughter Marissa (17) just graduated from Crescent Valley HS in June. She is eager to become her own independent person and will enter Linn-Benton Community College this Fall. She has strong talents in graphic arts, photography and creative writing and is contemplating a career in secondary education.

Our son, Brendan (16) is intent upon staying a kid as long as possible. He enjoys playing basketball and role playing games with his friends and is an avid reader of suspense novels. This past year he completed a work experience at the First Alternative Grocery as a cashier and produce stocker. He also volunteered at the Corvallis Police Dept. doing clerical support. His dream is to study law enforcement and become a police detective.

Bruce and I are currently employed at Oregon State University—Bruce for Services for Students with Disabilities and myself as a secretary for Extension Sea Grant. We enjoy our jobs because of the wonderful people we work with! I belong to two support groups, Oregon Family Support Network and CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders). They help me keep my wits while attempting to live peacefully with an ADD teenage son and when advocating for his education in a system with limited resources.

I’ve seen a little of the world outside of Corvallis, having lived at various times in Washington, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and California since graduating from CHS. We haven’t done much traveling recently. Bruce and I hope to one day travel around the British Isles exploring abbeys, castles, standing stones and our own Celtic heritage.

We have very practical hobbies—like recycling consumer waste and learning how to eat more healthily. Any one want to exchange recipes? (I’ve got a great vegetarian recipe for stuffed manicotti using tofu and spinach). Due to long term health problems, we have had to simplify our lives to conserve our energy for the more important things—spending time with family and friends and maintaining a sense of balance and serenity in this often out-of-balance and chaotic world.

Special Message High School seems like several lifetimes ago! I’m glad that pointy framed eyewear is nearly extinct (except in Gary Larson cartoons!). I’ve had great fun helping with the reunion yearbook. I hope to renew some acquaintances at the 30th. For those who couldn’t make it hope you’ll use the yearbook to contact old friends.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Hi! Our plans have changed so we’ll be able to attend the reunion after all-looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks for all the hard work 7 a good job!!!

Spouse: Don Patton, retired high school teacher; Children: Ages 35, 32, 23, 21.



1995-Anchorage, AK

After graduation from CHS, I attended Gonzaga University (biology) and then Oregon State University for graduate school (M.S, in Fisheries). I have lived in Alaska for the past 21 years and have worked as a fishery research and management biologist. I have worked for the Univ. of Alaska 14 yrs.), the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (2 years), and the LGL Alaska Research Associates for the past 5 years.

I manage LCL's Alaska office and conduct marine fisheries and salmon research in various locations in Alaska, although recently my work has been in the Prudhoe Bay region in the Arctic, I travel a bit, and have enjoyed keeping active in the American Fisheries Society. Fortunately, my work allows me to travel to conferences where I can keep in touch with biologists across the US and Canada and in various locations overseas.

My wife, Elaine, is an elementary school teacher and currently teaches Kindergarten for the Anchorage School District. We met during graduate school, and were married in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1973. Our three daughters are Kari (16), Sara (14), and Jeni (11). We all enioy skiing in winter and hiking and camping in summer. We are active in church functions and with the girls' schools. All three are musicians (piano, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute), so attending concerts and various musical events is an important part of our life right now. Elaine is interested in nutrition and heart-healthy issues, and I try to find time for woodworking, modeling, and hunting and fishing.

We built a small log cabin for recreational use several years ago, and our family enjoys spending time there in summer for outdoor cooking and canoeing on our lake, in the fall for berry picking and moose hunting, and in winter for skiing and enjoying cold evenings watching Alaska's northern lights. Our summers are busy with camping, hiking, and with occasional field trips to conduct fisheries projects in rural Alaska.

Spouse: Elaine, Elementary schoolteacher; children: Kari (16), Sara (14), Jeni (11).

Special Message: Returning to Corvallis is always fun for me and my family. We have good memories of the city, and l always drive by CHS to see if it's still there. I'm glad it is. We're too far away to make it to the reunion in 1995, but we hope the activities are enjoyable for all.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

I work in marketing for a software company in Corvallis. Married for 26 years to Erica (Wagner) Woodcock. Two children: Sophie, 23 years and Lara, 17 years. Interests include music (I play in a band with my older daughter), water-skiing and various causes, from helping the environment to helping the disabled.

Spouse: Erica Woodcock, Early Childhood Educator: Children Sophie (23), Lara (17).



1995-Cheney, Washington

High school Business Ed teacher; Master’s Degree in Business & Marketing Education. We enjoy traveling, camping, fly fishing, walking/hiking, reading, cooking and our home. I keep busy with school activities, our hobbies, professional organizations and the local recycling center.

Spouse: Ed Bump, Prof. of Accounting/Eastern Washington University; Children 28 & 25.