Our Teachers

This is a list of the teachers at CHS from 1962 to 1965. If the last name is in red there is either biographical information or an obituary for that teacher. Just click on the last name (highlighted in red) and you will be routed to that teacher's page. (If you click on Teacher's link at the left there are several teachers listed. Follow the arrows to rememberences of these teachers).

In some cases  spouses are remembered.


If you know the whereabouts or have any information about  any of these people please contact Mike Franklin via the website


Last Name First Name Middle Prefix Discipline        
Anderson William   Mr. Mathematics-Track coach        
Applegate Esther   Mrs. Foreign Language        
Atwood Dean T Mr. Mathematics        
Bailey Mary Jane Mrs. English        
Baker Constance   Mrs. English        
Barry Irene   Mrs. Business Education        
Bates Clarence   Mr. Fine Arts        
Beardsley Sharon   Mrs. English        
Bodine Ivan   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Boldenow Melvin   Mr. Social Science/Studies/Driver Training-Head Track Coach        
Brooks Harvey   Mr. Fine Arts-Band Director        
Brown Donald   Mr. Practical Arts        
Canfield Robert   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Carlson May   Mrs. Home Ec & Family Life/Administration        
Chamberlain Imogene   Mrs. Foreign Language/Fine Arts        
Christianson Robert   Mr. Science        
Colley Agnes   Mrs. English        
Colton Walter   Mr. Fine Arts        
Conrad Clell L Mr. Administration        
Davis Paul   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Dorsch Diane   Mrs. Foreign Language        
Ediger Wes   Mr. Physical Education/ Driver Training-Assistant Football Coach        
Fagg Olive   Mrs. Counseling Center        
Fagnan Lyle   Mr. Social Science/Studies-Assistant Track Coach        
Fish Alice   Mrs. Physical Education/ Driver Training        
Gibson Leida   Mrs. English        
Gillis Harold   Mr. English/Fine Arts        
Goetschius Eva   Mrs. English        
Goff Roby   Mr. Practical Arts        
Gottleib Mary   Mrs. English        
Gustafson Lee   Mr. Physical Education /Driver Training-Football Coach, Golf Coach        
Hardman Ray W Mr. Administration        
Herr Grace   Mrs. English        
Hess Ruth   Mrs. English        
Holderread Wilbur   Mr. Foreign Language        
Hollister Kenneth   Mr. Science        
Hollister Edward   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Hopkins Martha   Miss

PhysicalEducation/Driver Training-Tennis Coach

Jensen Arlene   Mrs. Librarian        
Johnson Charles   Mr. Mathematics        
Johnson Pamela   Mrs. Social Science/Studies        
Jones Patricia   Miss Foreign Language        
Kabler Donald   Mr. Practical Arts        
Kessler Audrey   Mrs. Business Education        
Kilbourne Jay   Mr. Science        
Kinney Glen   Mr. Physical Education/Driver Training-Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach        
Kipper Charles   Mr. Mathematics        
Korb Ray   Mr. Mathematics and Science        
Kovash Paul   Mr.  Practical Arts        
Lang Sheila   Mrs. Business Education        
Lawrence Lynn   Mr. Fine Arts-Orchestra Dir.        
Lobbato Joseph   Mr. Fine Arts-Choir Director        
Luarca Phillip   Mr. Business Education-Asst. Wrestling Coach        
Luehr Wayne   Mr. Fine Arts        
Lynberg Don   Mr. Practical Arts        
Malango Joseph   Mr. Fine Arts-Thespians        
Martin Joseph   Mr. Foreign Language        
Martin James   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Mayer Harold   Mr. Counseling Center        
McCannaughey Charles   Mr. Practical Arts        
McCracken Carolyn   Mrs. English        
McDonald Marlene   Mrs. English        
McGee Mary   Mrs. Librarian        
Metzer Olin   Mr. English        
Moe Estora   Mrs. Home Ec & Family Life        
Muldoon James   Mr. English        
Myers John   Mr. Practical Arts        
Neeley Frances   Mrs. Physical Education/Driver Training        
Nelson Dixie   Mrs. Foreign Language        
Neslin John   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Ostling Carl   Mr. Mathematics-Swimming Coach        
Parham Rulon   Mr. Mathematics-Chess Team Coach        
Payne Robert   Mr. Administration-Basketball Coach        
Pinion Jack   Mr. Physical Education/Driver Training-JV Football Coach, JV Basketball Coach        
Platt John   Mr. Social Science/Studies-Wrestling Coach        
Proctor Bud   Mr. Administration        
Quenelle Suzanne   Mrs. Mathematics        
Rasmussen Steve   Mr. Science        
Rose Verna   Mrs. Business Education        
Rycraft Judy   Miss Social Science/Studies        
Saari Earl   Mr. Business Education        
Sackett Harry   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Saling Neil   Mr. Practical Arts        
Schaad Lewis   Mr. Science        
Scharff Charles   Mr. English-JV Football Coach        
Shaw Roberta   Mrs. English        
Sherman Judy   Mrs. Physical Education/Driver Training        
Skaug Byron   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Smith Ruby Ruth Mrs. English        
Sptiznogle Lee   Mr. Business Education        
State Mary   Mrs. Administration        
Sutherland Marjorie   Mrs. Business Education        
Swink/LeFever Susan   Miss/Mrs. Social Science/Studies        
Taylor Ralph   Mr. Mathematics        
Thetford Robert   Mr. English-Forensics Team        
Thomas John   Mr. Social Science/Studies        
Twedt Homer   Mr. Science        
Vinyard Luise   Mrs. Foreign Language        
Weichner Belva   Mrs. Foreign Language        
Weise Carla   Mrs. English        
Williams Lewis   Mr. Physical Education/Driver Training-JV Basketball Coach        
Wirfs Clifford   Mr. Social Science/Studies/Administration        
Withrow James   Mr. Physical Education/Driver Training/ Social Science/Studies-Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Track Coach        
Woodland Jim   Mr. Social Science-Head Tennis Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach        
Zielaskowski Orville   Mr. Administration/Social Science