1995-Corvallis, Oregon


I’ve been a mason contractor for the past 18 years in and around Corvallis. My wife, Peggy, and I have lived in Corvallis since we were married in ’71. We have 2 boys, Jeff and Jason. Jeff is 21 and will be a junior at the U of O and Jason is 14 and will be in the 9th grade at the other high school in Corvallis. We don’t have a lot of hobbies or activities. Seems like we spend all of our time working or watching soccer games. We’re in our 15th year of watching soccer games. All in all, life has been good, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Spouse: Peggy, Customer Service Manager, US Bank; Children: Jeff (21) , Jason (14)



1995-Shoreview, Minnesota

I am the District Operating Manager for Graybor Electric Co. in Minneapolis, MN as of 4/1/95. Prior to that I held the same position in Los Angeles and Chicago. After the Navy I got married to Gloria on 5/16/70. I graduated from Metro Community College, Minneapolis, MN in 1972 with an AA degree and graduated from Homline Univ. , St. Paul in 1974 with a BA degree in Business & Economics.

We adopted my oldest daughter, Gina, from Korea in 1976 and she graduated from Alta Loma HS in California in June, 1995. Our daughter, Katie, was born in 1981 in Madison Wisc. My wife, Gloria, has put up with us living in Minneapolis, Madison, Detroit, Chicago, LA and now Minneapolis, which I appreciate. I still enjoy bowling and golf in my spare time.

Spouse: Gloria, Executive Assistant; Children: Gina (18), Katie (14)



1995-Brownsville, Oregon

I’m a clerk in the Brownsville Post Office. I moved here from Albany 3 years ago. I have two children. My son is attending Northwest Christian College in Eugene and my daughter is a graphic arts student at Lane Community College in Eugene. I crochet and sell puppets as a hobby I also love to read and square dance.

Children: Shane (21) Stephanie (19)



1995-Eugene, Oregon

Thirty years in one page. I’ll try. I met and married my wife, Charlene, while we were students at OSU. I tore the cartilage in my knee while wrestling at OSU, so didn’t go to Vietnam. I graduated from Oregon State with a BS in Chemical Engineering. I’m sure that is no surprise to you. Our daughter, Lisa, was a graduation present in 1969. She was born in the same Corvallis hospital that I was born in (along with many of you). Our twin sons, Eric and Aaron, were born in 1971 in South Carolina.

I worked as a process development engineer for three years in South Carolina (Celanese made cellulose acetate fibers). Then we spent one year near Albany, N.Y. (General Electric makes silicone rubber). We traveled a lot when we were on the East Coast, a habit that we still enjoy.

We moved to Springfield/Eugene in 1973.  I have worked for Neste (formerly Chembond) for 22 years. It’s kind of scary to work at one place for that long, isn’t it? Neste produces resins for the plywood and particle board industry. I have designed and built expansions at eight of Neste’s plants in North America.

We have raised our children and they all married or kind of married. Gosh, what a quick summary for over twenty years of incessant activity filled with the “typical” emotional swings and intense feelings that only child rearing can bring.

We have always had pets. The current menagerie is mostly reptiles. We also enjoy outdoor activities: gardening, running, rock hunting, canoeing and rafting, mountain climbing and hiking, skiing and….. We like to travel, to meet people, experience new cultures and see new places. Unfortunately, we spend more time working, sleeping and watching TV. We are both active with professional societies, Chemical Engineers and the Instrument and Control Society. I have also advised engineering students at the high school and college levels.

In the last five years, my greatest physical accomplishments were climbing a mountain 18,700 feel tall (1993) and running a marathon in 3:25 (1994). My most daring experience was a 140 foot bungee jump in New Zealand (1992). My most emotional experience was giving away our daughter (or did we gain a son?) (1995).

We are looking forward to the time when all of our children have decided what they want to do with their lives. We are looking forward to them blessing us with grandchildren to spoil. Charlene wants to build a tropical greenhouse, say 80 X 40. We plan to raft the Grand Canyon, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and canoe the Amazon Basin. We are looking forward to the 50th CHS reunion and to our 50th wedding anniversary. Then we may take some time to grow old together.

Spouse: Charlene, Computer Drafter/Designer; Children: Lisa (26), Aaron & Eric (24)

Special message: I have not played 100 games of chess since college. I have not collected coins since college either.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

I attended OSU, graduated in Engineering. Met Alice in college and we married after we had both graduated. We then moved to Portland, where Alice taught grade school and I went to Medical School. We did an internship and resident training in Augusta, Georgia, and then I served in the US Army at Fr. Ord, California for three years. We then returned to Oregon to begin a medical practice.

We have had seven children and, unfortunately, lost one of them to a serious form of cancer in 1985. At this time, the three oldest are in college, leaving three at home. Alice and I enjoy Corvallis and have especially appreciated the high sense of community spirit here. Volunteerism is definitely thriving here. Currently we are involved in a very active sister city program with Uzhgorod, Ukraine, part of the former Soviet Union. The medical practice is a bit too busy, but has been enjoyable.

Spouse: Alice Henderson Rampton; Children: ages 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 8

Special Memory: Best memories include sneaking into OSU women’s gym swimming pool with a lot of Class of ’65 boys. Also have fond memories of riding all over town on my Vespa, or toolin’ downtown in someone’s car, or harassing parkers with flashlights, water balloons and percussion caps. Sounds like a pretty normal bunch of kids!



1995-Tigard, Oregon

Since the last reunion, my family moved to Tigard in 1987. After several job changes, I am currently working at Tigard HOME DEPOT just off I-5 and Carmen Drive. You can see it on the west side of the freeway when you near Exit 291. I am currently managing the Hardware Dept. at that store.

My family has shrunk down to just 2 left at home: Susan, a senior at Tigard High, and Kimberly, an 8th grader. I have two married daughters: Dianne, living in Corvallis and attending Grad. School at OSU, and Janet, recently married and living in Phoenix. My wife of 26 years, Kathryn, works in a dental office here in Tigard. Life has treated us well over the years, and I think of you all often, and wonder how you are doing. My mother still lives in Corvallis and I visit her often. Stop in and see me sometime at the Home Depot. Thank you all and May God Bless you and your families.

Spouse: Kathryn, Dental Hygiene Coordinator; Children: Kimberley (12), Susan, (17), Dianne, Janet, Mark; Grandchild: Joy (6 months)

Special message: Hasn’t time gone swiftly by, with many changes that keep us eternally young. At least that is what I would like to think anyway. Keep smiling and we’ll see you at the 40th.



1995-Naselle, Washington

Perhaps I should have been named Tarzan. After much wandering in the jungle, I have settled in a beautiful spot with my loving wife (not Jane after all), her son who  has been a son to me, our fat cats, our scrounging dog, and our happy home life. Our son married this May; he and his wife are purchasing the home next to us. There is a path through the woods between the houses-just right for continuing to live happily ever after.

Spouse: Ann Musche, Supervising Librarian-Naselle TRL; Child: married son (25)



1995-Eugene, Oregon

Science/Health/Math teacher at Briggs Middle School in Springfield, Oregon. My life has become more and more centered around my teaching. I figure I only have a few more years to get it right. Usually spend summers in France with my French wife’s family. Usually take a few side trips while there. This year it will be in Hungary and Poland.

Spouse: Colette, Middle School Immersion French

Special Message: Hope to see you next time.



1995-Pearland, Texas

Human Resource Manager for specialty chemical manufacturing plant; graduated from Cornell University 1969; active in church ministry programs.

Spouse: Wendy; Children: Sean (23) graduated from U. S. Air Force Academy 1994-Engaged, Mindy (21) in England on Work/ Study Program, Kayleigh (17) Junior in HS, great student and volleyball player.



1995-Moraga, California

I’ve been living in the San Francisco Bay area, in the East Bay, since 1979 with my husband, Steve. He works for Bay Area Rapid Transit. We raised our 2 children here. Our daughter, Lisa (20) married last summer and is a junior at UC Davis. Our son, Dave, is 16 and an avid skier—he’s on the Squaw Valley Freestyle Ski Team.

I graduated from the University of Washington in 1969, but returned to school when I was 40 to get a certificate in clothing design. I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. For the last 6-7 years I have been designing women’s sportswear under my label “Carl Ruth” and wholesaling it to boutiques in San Francisco and around the Bay area.

Spouse: Steve Procter, Project Manager/Bay Area Rapid Transit; Children: Lisa (20), Dave (16)



1995-Eugene, Oregon

Still do environmental consulting under the name Environmental Assessments, Inc. in order to support my hobbies of sailing, photography and travel.



1995- Castle Rock, Washington

I’ve been in construction for 26 years. Built and moved into our new home in Castle Rock, Washington, May of ’94. Our little daughter is in “K” at Toutle Lake. From t-ball, to soccer, to basketball with her, I’m a busy dad. I like to hunt, fish and 4-wheel when I can. My wife and I will soon celebrate 25 years of marriage in September.

Spouse: Jeanne (super mom & housewife); Children: A little girl (6) named Lindsey



1995-Newport, Oregon

It is interesting how the age of 50 feels much more endearing and pleasant from a 30 year reunion perspective. I would have never guessed that the past three decades were going to bring so much diversity, challenge and enjoyment into my life. Instead of marrying, settling down and beginning a family, this is what happened to me:

-Completed bachelors in elementary education at OSU in 1969

-Worked on master’s at Syracuse University in NY but didn’t finish, 1970.

-Teacher assistant in Lebanon elementary schools for at-risk children, 1970.

-Teacher assistant in Reading Lab at Inavale in Corvallis, 1971.

-Team-teacher in mixed aged classroom (3-6 gr.), 1972

-Teacher 7 grade-dropped out mid-year & became German singer/waitress at Rheinlander Restaurant in Portland, 1973.

-Married and worked as secretary to Director of Library at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, OR, 1973-1977.

-Divorced and worked as timber clerk at Louisiana Pacific in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 1978.

-Service Representative for Pacific NW bell and AT&T in Astoria and Portland, 1978-84.

-Substitute teacher in Portland Public Schools, 1985-86.

-Kindergarten teacher in Toledo, Oregon, 1987-90

-Mixed aged classroom, (1-2 gr.) Lincoln City, Oregon, 1990-93.

-Kindergarten teacher at Newport Early Childhood Center,1994.

-Kindergarten teacher at Yaquina View in Newport, 1994-

I am currently remodeling my previous 800 sq. foot home into a 1600 sq. ft. home. I’m working with a wonderful contractor who lets me work with him. I do the demolition, clean up, nail puller and general gopher and he has transformed my cottage into a lovely home. Weaving with natural fibers, reeds and rushes has helped balance the hectic life of teaching 52 kindergartners. In the future, I am hoping to relocate in the Willamette Valley where I can do some orcharding and grow a more diverse garden. If you are in the Newport area, please don’t hesitate to stop by for a visit. I hope to see all of you on Sunday at Walnut Park for the reunion picnic.

Special Message: Thank you reunion committee—you’ve done a great job!



1995-Depoe Bay, Oregon

I have worked at Northwest Natural Gas for almost 25 years in various locations. Currently I work at the Lincoln City office. My husband and I spend most of our free time trying to keep physically fit. We work out every day in our home gym and try to eat nutritiously. This has been a real change for me because I had never been interested in anything that made me sweat….! Those days are long gone. This is the best time in my life and I enjoy every day!

Spouse: Wayne A. Thompson, Personal Trainer/Financial Planner

Special Message: Age is only a number! Best wishes to everyone.



1995-Fair Lawn, New Jersey

National sales manager for Plumrose USA; graduated from OSU in 1969, BS Business; US Army 69-71 (1st Armored Div.); Family: wife Linda, four children: Kurt, 15; Jason, 12; Justin, 8 and Kristen 3 (adopted from Bulgaria at age 2 ½). Activities include: coach for basketball and baseball in our town All Sports program; Board member at our local Gospel Church; Sunday School Superintendent; Children’s Church Leader. Hobbies: reading, hunting, fishing and sports.

Spouse: Linda, wife/mother, Elementary School yeacher/Best friend; Children: see above

Special Message: I would encourage you to read the Bible and develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.



1995-Crooked River Ranch, Oregon

Self employed for 3 ½ years in Redmond, Oregon: City Slicker’s Saloon and Eatery (a food and beverage spots tavern).

Married to Gary for 10 years this month (6-95) and have four children together. I have Angie, age 28; Bill, age 25,;and Gary has Melissa, age 19, sophomore at WSU and Joshua, age 16. We have a 3 year old granddaughter, Adrianah.

Our activities for the last 3 1/2 years have completely revolved around our very busy business. We invite you to come see us!! Denice Miller.

Special Message: You can never go back…but it’s great to be together in the future! God Bless! P.S. Thanks to all of you who are giving your time to make this possible!



1995-Yamhill, Oregon

Life is good! We are living life on our own terms (most of the time). Our children are grown, married and settled nearby. We have a grandson, Riley, who at 2 ½ years of age is one of our greatest joys. We live on a small farm in Yamhill, where we raise cattle, vegetables, and lots and lots of flowers. Gardening is my passion. Paul and I are both active realtors. We’re one of the best husband-wife teams around—both on the job and off.

Spouse; Paul Everts, Realtor; Children; Ages 29 and 25; Grandson age 2 ½

Special Message. I feel so fortunate to have grown up with all of you. Thanks for sharing the good times, being there for the bad times and leaving me so many great memories. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.