Navigating the website

Notify Me: This page lets you receive class news and alerts such as when you have received a message from a classmate or when a someone leaves a comment on your profile. You can choose when you want to receive these alerts or you may choose to never receive certain alerts.

Message Center: This page displays all of the individual messages you have written, gives you a chance to delete certain (or all) messages, and if you click the top button, “Compose Message” then a box will appear that says “Display all classmates”. Once the list appears you can send a message to another classmate if he/she has joined the site . You can also go to the classmate’s individual page (from Classmates on the left hand side menu) and, if they have joined the class, you can send them a personal message.

Edit Contact Info: This will allow you to edit your individual page.  It is really important to change this (and let Mike Franklin know) when any of your contact information changes. This information is only visible to the three website administrators, Kate McDonald, Susan de Meules and Judy Butler.

Edit Profile: This is much like the previous category. The only difference is that this information is visible on your page. You can control who sees your page at the bottom of this page.

Edit/Upload Photos: This is where you can add, edit or delete personal photos. We love to see current pictures (as well as old pictures!).

Change password: self explanatory, here you can change your current password.

Log Out: also self explanatory, when you are ready to leave the website you can use this feature or simply close the window. One new feature is that you will have to log in each time you visit the site in order to access your page. If you don’t log in some features are visible to you on the left hand TOP menu however you can’t do any editing of your page. Of course when you turn off your computer you automatically log out.