1985-Hillsboro, Oregon

      I came to Hillsboro in 1970 and worked as the office manager for Sunset Electric, Inc. I met my husband Don at that establishment and we are co-owners of the business. We have a stepson, 2 daughters, and a stepdaughter. I retired from the business in 1980 and have been involved work since that time. I have taken six years of dancing and love it. My family is most important to me and a great deal of our activities are centered around it.



1985-Eugene, Oregon

      Like many of us I have Oregon in my blood.  After seventeen  years of big cities and foreign places on of my greatest desires was to return to Oregon. The simple but elegant beauty of the state was hard to see while growing up, and was only evident to me by comparison.

     I left the U of O in 1968 to become a VISTA volunteer in New York City.  I worked for many years in the civil rights movement and then later in the women’s movement.

     I married Gil Johnson in 1978. He is a journalist and an Oregonian, whom I met while living in San Francisco. We were fortunate enough to be able to move back to Oregon in 1982. I am director of an economic development project in Eugene called Bye Oregon. The legislature recently made funds available to expand the program state-wide. I am learning Japanese gardening and fly fishing, both a test of patience and an opportunity in Oregon



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

Here is a summary of what I have been doing for 20 years:

         1965-72: OSU, BS in Engineering

         1966-68: Missionary for my church

         1972: Married Alice Anne Henderson

         1972-77: Medical school, Portland

         1977-78: Residence in Family Practice; Augusta, Georgia

         1978-83: Faculty of Family Practice residency program at Silas B. Hays Hospital,    Ft. Ord, CA.

         1983-84: Private practice, Salem, Oregon

         1984-Present: Private practice, Corvallis OR.

Children: (6) Lisa-11, Meta-9, Marcus-8, Anna-6, Sara-4, Lora-1



1985-Spokane, Washington

       Here is the brief history of the Paul Reese Family. Since graduation from CHS, I attended Oregon State University. My college studies were interrupted in 1966 while I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Colorado and New Mexico. Upon return from my mission in 1968, I met and married Kathryn Price, who at the time lived in St. Helens, Oregon. When I graduated from OSU in December 1971 with a degree in business administration, I was commissioned in the Army. While serving in the Army we lived in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, and New Jersey. We also lived 3 years in Germany. While in Germany we lived one year in a place called Grafenwohr, and later for two years in Stuttgart. After seven years of military life, I resigned my commission and rank as a Captain and moved back to the great Northwest. In January 1979 I went to work for Pacific Northwest Bell in the Marketing Department. We lived in Olympia, Washington for 5 years. Being transferred with PNB to Spokane in January 1984 brought us to our present home. However, the break up of the Bell System took its toll, so in January 1985 I resigned and went to work for myself, representing an Atlanta based marketing company called A. L. Williams. I am Regional Vice President with them. It is exciting, and a real challenge. We have 5 children: Dianne—15; Mark—12; Janet—10; Susan—7; and Kimberly—3. Should any of you live close to or get to Spokane, look us up.




1985-Seattle, Washington

     Brief History:  Currently I am in my second year of law school and hope to practice in Seattle after passing the bar.  In 1969 I received my BS from OSU and, after traveling for a month in Europe, I moved to Seattle. Since that time, I have worked at the University of Washington except when working on my teaching certificate which I received in 1972. I am single and am a trail/guide instructor at a Lake Sammamish horse ranch.

     I very much appreciate you putting my old first grade friend in touch with me.  Usually when you are raised in the military you expect to never see old friends again.

     Take Care and best wishes to all.



1985-Portland, Oregon

     For the past 6 years I have worked for Bosie Cascade, Paper Croup, in Portland, Oregon. This is my second year as their Northwest District Sales Representative for Business and Printing Papers. I work with distributors from Alaska to Colorado. My job is to help my customers sell Cascade Xerographic and offset papers.



1985-Eugene, Oregon

     For most of the last 14 years I’ve been teaching mid school math and science in Springfield. I was divorced in ’76 and remarried in France while on sabbatical in ’81. Am missing this year’s reunion due to additional European travel. Have slowed down but continue to be active in real estate and in nearly all outdoor pursuits – especially white water activities. Life keeps looking better and better. Hope all is well with everyone and that I get to see you at the 25th reunion. 



1985-Provo, Utah

Married Robyn Twenge in July 1968. Have 3 daughters, Tricia-16, Terri-14, and Tracy-9. Graduated from OSU in 1970. Currently teaching PC and coaching varsity boys basketball at North Salem High School.



1985-Eugene, Oregon

      Environmental Engineer, sailor.



1985-Coquille, Oregon

      Married 15 years -  no children. Work as a nurse in the  Cardiac Testing Lab at Bay Clinic in Coos Bay.



1985-Seaside, Oregon

     BA Oakland University, Rochester MI 4-69 in Chinese studies and Sociology; resident assistant in dorm; term in Hong Kong and area 1968 as part of program. MA Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 6-75. Detroit area public administration work 12 years. Married Robert Latimore, Vietnam Vet and law school grad 1979, and became mother to his son, Stuart, now 16. Moved to California 1982, chose career shift to private sector, now Credit Supervisor at area bank. Avid jogger, softball team, president of area food coop, town community development commissioner; fascinated owner of four new kittems.



1985-Yamhill, Oregon

      Eight years ago Paul and I were bitten by the “Mother Earth” bug. So we bought a small farm in Yamhill and began to acquire skills we had never before imagined needing. We have raised chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, large gardens and two great kids. We thoroughly enjoy our small town/country lifestyle.

      We have two daughters. Shelly is attending Western Oregon state College and majoring in correction. Leslie is a high school sophomore and active in track and volleyball.

     Currently I am a paralegal for Oregon Legal Services (legal aid) and attend college part-time. Who knows, someday I may even graduate! This keeps me very busy, but I enjoy the challenging and satisfying work.

      We enjoy company and hope if any of you pass through Yamhill you will give us a call.



1985-Albany, Oregon


       Employed with Casey Enterprises, Inc., Project Coordinator-Engineering Department; 9 years.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon         

      I received a B. A. in Psychology from the U. of O. in 1969. Ken Himes, a 1965 Medford grad., and I were married in 1968 while both attending U. of O. After graduation we moved to Pasadena. CA where my husband attended Seminary. I worked first as a secretary in a personnel office and then as an Eligibility Worker with Aid to Families with dependent children. Since then we have two children, Deborah 11 and Erin 10 and I have been heavily involved in the churches where my husband has ministered – first in Ca, and for the past 8 years in Corvallis at NW Hills Church. Our major area of work right now is counseling, lay counselor training, and parent training. I’m looking into further education and/or work opportunities at present.



1985-Monroe, Oregon

     I’ve led a quiet, stable life. I’ve been married for over 19 years now and for the past 12 years worked at First Interstate Bank in Monroe.  Phil and I have 2 children, Cheryl, who is 17, and David, who is 15. We are actively involved with them and their high school. Sounds boring but it’s not-keeps me busy.

      In 1967 I came to Alaska, lived in a log cabin on the Kuskokwim River, then Nome and finally Anchorage. Now I’m teaching 2nd grade in a private school: I’m on TV weekly and attend the largest church in Alaska along with teaching a Sunday School class. I even get paid for some of this!



1985-Albany, Oregon

     I got married August 8, 1986 (10 years after graduation). We adopted an 11 ½ month old baby girl, Sabrina, Feb. 1980 (15 years after graduation). We’re in the process of adopting a little girl, Agatha, 3 years old and her brother Oliver, 2 years old (20 years after graduation).



1985-Sun Valley, Idaho

     I regret missing the CHS Class of 1965 reunion. I will be in Spain.

     I have been living in Sun Valley, Idaho, for the past thirteen years. I live with my husband, Rich, and our two sons, Jeff and John.

      I am the Nursing Service Administrator at the local hospital. This fall I start work on a masters degree in Nursing Administration. This will involve a six hour drive once a week to pick up one or two classes. It will take years, but I’m quite motivated.

     Jeff is fourteen. He looks like me. He’s a reasonable student and a good athlete. Look for him on the US Ski Team by 1988 or ’90. I’m serious.

      John is eight. He has red curly hair, currently wearing it in a flat top. He is  not a ski racer. He might make movies when he grows up.

       For fun we enjoy all the recreational opportunities this resort community offers. My best wishes to all.



1985-Troutdale, Oregon

     I am still teaching business subjects at the high school level but have moved from the southern Oregon coast to the Portland area. I teach at Centennial High School on the border between Portland and Gresham. I finally bought a house and love it (but not the payments!). Since my traveling days have ended because of house payments,  I do a lot of camping all over Oregon.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

         April 1976 – joined Farm House Fraternity

         June 1969 – graduated from OSU with BS in Forest Management

         1969-1970- Post grad study in Business at OSU

         Jan. 1971 – Became a partner in Starker Forests

         1974 –spend 6 weeks touring Europe, Finland to Italy

         Feb. 1979 – married Marilyn J. McCornack – a Special Ed teacher from Eugene who taught at North Albany Jr. High.

         Nov. 1980 – spend 6 weeks touring Australia and New Zealand

         April 1981 – elected to Board of Directors – Industrial Forestry Assoc.

         July 1, 1981 – elected President of Starker Forests, In.

         July 31, 1981 – son James B.  Starker born

         1982-1984 –Benton County Budget Committee

         March 1983 – Formed Sunset Research Park Partnership

         April 25, 1983 – daughter Ana Mae Starker born

         June 1984 – elected to Board of Directors – Corvallis Chamber of Commerce

         March 1985 – elected to Board of Directors –Citizen’s Bank