1985- Redmond, California

     Once upon a time there was a little girl. To her, the world was a magic place full of wonder and wishes and dreams. She played and pretended and dreamed of things too impossible to mention. She wished on falling stars and four leaf clovers and thought that love and laughter made the world go around.

      As she grew, all too soon she realized that the world was not made of places and kings and magic rings. It was full of people, all hurried and afraid and run by rules and clocks and promises so, she put awa her childhood dreams and filled her day with busy things leaving only the sleepy nights for fantasies.

     Time passed slowly in her world of grey until one day, a boy who happened to be passing through her life took her hand in one shimmering golden moment her world became a magic place again, filled with wonders , riches with wonders, riches promises and dreams, and her every childhood dream came true……….

     (The Girl was me…..Robin

      The Boy was You!) Ed

We are Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sohler, we live in Redmond, Oregon at 3401 NE 33rd St. We have been here in Redmond since July of 1977. We own our own excavating business. We have three children: Ed Jr., currently in Germany in the Army; Scott, who is in the Navy, stationed in Long Beach, California; Kimberly who is at home and a student attending Obsidian Jr. High. She will be in the 8th grade in the fall. Kimberly is also an exchange student with other cultures and is currently spending the summer in Guatemala, Central America.

Our lives these past ten years have been interesting. Both boys were football players. Scott went to State in wresting. Kimberly has participated in all school athletic, volleyball, gymnastics and basketball. She went to District in gymnastics on the beam. Ed and I have been making a living and we enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and traveling.



1985-Napa, California

     I attended OSU after high school for three years. At the end of my junior year I got married and moved to southern California where my husband, Fred, started a job as a research chemist with Union Oil Company. I finished school at California State University, Fullerton, and taught elementary grades in the Placentia Unified Schools for four ears until my son Jeff was born in 1975. In 1976 we moved north to the Napa Valley and built a home. For the last nine years I’ve been busy trying to keep up with the kids (Jeff, age 10 and Wendy, age 7) and all their activities. This year I am enjoying a new job as a part-time instructor at Napa Valley College teaching reading to developmentally disabled adults.



1985-North Bend, Oregon

      I am beginning my fourteenth year in North Bend School District. I teach marine biology and biology at North Bend High School where I am also head of the science department. Coaching football and wrestling occupy a good share of my time during the fall and winter sports seasons (competing against Corvallis High School evokes some interesting emotions).

     My wife, Mary, teaches part-time at North Bend High School as well. Most of our family time revolves around our two boys. Jeff will be a sophomore in high school, and Chris begins kindergarten this fall.



1985-Placentia, California

      I have spent the past ten years in the major effort of raising two girls from pre-schoolers to teenagers. Both of our girls were born during Mike’s time with the Navy in San Diego. We settled into Placentia, in suburban Orange County, after moving eight times in the first eight years after we were married in 1967. I completed my degree in microbiology at Oregon State in 1969.



1985-Palcentia, California

      For the past eleven years I have worked for the Science and Technology Division of the Union Oil Company of California (UNOCAL). For most of that time I have been involved in Arctic engineering research. I am currently working on research related to exploring for and producing oil from the offshore continental shelf of Alaska. I completed a Master’s degree in ocean Engineering at Oregon State in 1974 after spending three years in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps.



1985-Lede, Belgium

      Having obtained my university degrees (in law and criminological science) I worked successively as a barrister and a legal advisor. I then stopped my professional work for + three years in order to be at home with my small children. After some difficult years with, among other things a divorce, I’m now living quite happily with my daughter of 11 years and my son of 9 ½ years old. I’m working as an administrator for the European Economic Community. I’m engaged in the peace movement and in the education of my children, who are attending a small private school entirely run by the parents and staff members themselves. Open door life, reading, mime, modern theater and opera are still favorites. Looking forward to seeing all of you (and you all) again.



1985-Portland, Oregon

     I graduated from Willamette University in 1969 and was married in 1970 to a Lebanon H.S. graduate, Rebecca Lowe. Fortunately for the nation’s security, I was allowed into the National Guard (and out of the regular Army!). I moved to McMinnville in 1969 for a brief administrative job in the mobile home manufacturing business. Becky and I bicycled and camped on the Oregon coast in 1971 before we moved to a Portland apartment to begin my current career as a life insurance agent with Pacific Mutual. Travelling has been a priority and we’ve been fortunate to spectate at two Olympic games: Munich in 1972 and Montreal in 1976. Our daughter, Holly, will be a third grader in the Portland Public Schools. We still enjoy bicycling along with exercising at the local YMCA. Now Becky and I are coaching together some of the kids’ basketball teams (real little kids, we’re talking 8 foot high baskets here).  I’m active in the Bread for the World, Toastmasters and The United Methodist Church. I’ve been keeping in touch with Steve Kinek from back  in the old Harding School days. Best to everyone; it’s a great life. 



1985-Seattle Washington

     After I graduated from CHS my folks moved to Vancouver B. C. and shortly thereafter I left for Utah to college. My Corvallis ties became nearly severed after that and return visits have been few and far between. I served a mission for the LDS church 1966-1968 in Kentucky and Tennessee. I returned to school and graduated from BYU in 1972 with a BS in Business Mgt. Not wanting to settle down into any particular routine, I moved to Salt Lake City and spent a year managing a Hi-Fi Stereo Shop, then moved a year later to Seattle in 1974. I married Linda Reed of Seattle and we settled down to have babies (four in all). I began a new career in the Ocean Marine Insurance industry working both as an underwriter and later as a broker. After ten years I left that arena and began to devote full time to my 2nd profession as a Real Estate Broker. Between the times available after family, church activity and work we plan to build a new home this summer, then be content for 20 years more.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

     Spouse: Bruce Merrick, Anthropology student. Children: Marissa, almost 8, and Brendan, 6. Self: Recently returned to OSU to complete BS degree in Sociology and Women’s Studies. Spent the past year working on the staff of the OSU Women’s Center. Various projects involved in included: financial aid for women in higher education, funding for handicap access ramp into the Women’s Center building, investigative report on the need for University6-sponsored child care programs at OSU. Presently working part-time as notetaker for deaf woman student from Nigeria.



1985-Eugene, Oregon

      Over the past 5 years Diane and I have been busy raising our sons, David and Jon and getting involved in all of the various activities that come with school age children. Both of our sons are active soccer and basketball players and keeping them on time for their various games keeps us busy.

      I am still at the University of Oregon, in charge of Computer Hardware maintenance for the Computing Center. My job has really mushroomed in the past few years as all of the campus has been added to the state network. But the job, like the University, is constantly changing, so it keeps me busy. In my spare time I serve on the Board of Directors for the Goshen Rural Fire District. It has been quite an experience for me and has certainly involved me in the community.



1985-Downey, California

     Since graduating from OSU in ’69 I have been a sales engineer selling electric motors. I am now the Sales Manager of a mgs’s rep. co. Happily married 11 years with 10 year old daughter and a boy-8.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

      I have been employed for the last 12 years as a counselor with the State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Division. I am currently on a medical leave of absence. I got married on Oct. 1, 1983 to Curt Coffman who has a 6 yr. old daughter named Sarah. My husband is employed with the US Forest Service as a land appraiser. We enjoy taking trips together. My husband’s parents live in Florida, therefore we have made a couple of trips to Florida. Some exciting sites we have been to include: Disney World, Cape Kennedy, Florida Keys. We plan to move into a house by July 26th from an apartment, which we are very excited about.



1985-Anchorage, Alaska

     After graduation from Corvallis High, I attended Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington for the next four years. My major was biology with a minor in philosophy-certainly an excellent preparation for almost any rewarding career. Not satisfied with sixteen years of education, however, I returned to Corvallis and pursued a Master of Science degree at Oregon State University in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. During that period I spent two years in residence at OSU’s Marine Science Center in Newport studying marine invertebrate fisheries biology.

     While finishing my thesis in Newport I met my future wife, Elaine, who was teaching elementary school at Siletz. Elaine was the former Elaine Erickson of Grand Forks, North Dakota. We were married in 1973, returned to Newport for a year, then I accepted a position with the University of Alaska in summer of 1974. We have lived in Anchorage since that time and my employment has been as a research fishery biologist with the University’s Arctic Environmental  Information and Data Center. I am currently Supervisor of the Resource Science Division and am an Assistant Professor of Fisheries.

       In 1978 we became the proud parents of our first daughter, Kari Ann, who was followed in two years by daughter number two, Sara Lynn, born in 1980. We couldn’t stop there, however, and were blessed with our third daughter, Jeni Linnea, in August 1983. We have agreed that three is sufficient, however. Elaine has continued to teach here in Anchorage for the past seven years as a morning kindergarten teacher.

       We have enjoyed living in Alaska. These past ten years have been a boom period with construction of the TransAlaska Pipeline and extensive exploration for oil and gas in marine offshore areas. Hiking, camping, camping, moose hunting and fishing have kept our family happy for these years , although we admit that the seven months of winter have been longer and longer as the years have gone by. In a few years we plan to return to Oregon or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

     I will be traveling to Japan, People’s Republic of China and South Korea in May and June as a member of a Fishery Research delegation from the United States. That coupled with a trip to Minnesota with my family, then on to Edmonton, Alberta for an International Symposium on Regulated streams at which I will present a scientific paper on my research on hydroelectric development in Alaska will keep me busy this summer. I wish I could come to Corvallis in August, but know that I’ll be there in spirit.

    As the years pass by the memories of the early years fade and the faces and names of people who were friends also become dim. I hope that all who attend find this to be a special time, full of memories and renewal of acquaintances. Please send my best regards to all my classmates from the Class of 1965.



1985-Corvallis, Oregon

     From 1980-81 I worked for Hewlett-Packard in Corvallis as a product manager. From 1982-present I have worked for Intelledex, a start-up company that makes robots. I am the company’s communications manager, responsible for public relations and advertising.

     I married Erica Wagner in 1969. We have two daughters: Sophie, age 13 and Lara, age 8.