2023 All-60s Annual Event

CHS 60s Annual Gathering

“Forming, renewing, building and maintaining friendships”

Our 4th Annual ALL 60s CHS Multi-Class Gathering with the classes of ‘60 -‘69 and those who identify with members of those classes is scheduled for August 25-26, 2023.  Stay tuned to the
Facebook pages below and your class website(s) for the latest information and updates as the time nears!

Also check this website:  www.chs65.info  in the Home Page Announcements section. You do not need to log in to this website to see the All 60’s information.

There are several Facebook Pages where updates will be posted.  

The primary page is “Corvallis High School ‘60’s Annual Gathering” hosted by Bob Hansen. Please visit (and “Like” it!) to let your friends find it. 

Nancy Butler Neary also posts on related Facebook pages so if you are a member, you can check these, too: "Corvallis HS 1967 and Friends" and "CHS Ladies of the 60's".

Please, please help us get the word out by sharing with all your Spartan friends who are not on Facebook or the class websites.

Also, please update your contact information with your class website managers so you stay informed about this event! 

You can also check out the marquee of the Whiteside Theatre from August 7-13th!  The All 60’s Annual Reunion will be featured!

We plan to have PSAs on the radio and in the Gazette Times/Albany Democrat Herald newspaper.

Here is a link to the Visit Corvallis website:  https://visitcorvallis.com/

This website provides lists of places to stay, dine and visit during your stay.  It is a great resource for Corvallis and the area. 

Current Plans for the Annual CHS 60s Gathering, August 25-26, 2023

Who:   All those “who walked the halls of CHS during the 60s” or identify with them

What-1:  Friday, August 25th Nostalgic Gathering, Matinee at the Whiteside Theatre

Address361 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333

Friday afternoon from 2:30-5 pm join us at the renovated historic Whiteside Theatre for a private showing of a movie from our era.  Please note the restrooms are upstairs at the theatre, so if unable to negotiate the stairs and in need, you will have to go across the street.

Currently “Sometimes a Great Notion” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still” lead the voting as the movie to be shown.  BUT, until July 1, you still have time to vote for your top two (2) choices from the list below by contacting MichaelEFranklin@comcast.netBe sure to vote for two (2).

  1. Sometimes a Great Notion
  2. The Day the Earth Stood Still
  3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  4. Dr. Strangelove
  5. Easy Rider
  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There will be free popcorn, Coke products plus sparkling water, ginger ale, root beer and 7-up!  Doors open at 2:30 and the movie will begin about 2:40.   

Enthusiastic donors have joined in to cover all costs for the movie event this year so please come and support the Whiteside if you would like to see this event continue! 

The cost varies significantly by number of people registering so we would appreciate your RSVP by August 11.

Come and enjoy the movie before moving on to: The Trysting Tree Golf Course

What-2:  Friday, August 25th Buffet dinner and social time at The Trysting Tree Golf Course  

Address:         34028 NE Electric Road, Corvallis, OR 97333   https://trystingtree.com/

Friday, August 25th a casual-dress early evening event beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Trysting Tree Golf Course Club House.  This is just across the river from downtown Corvallis.  They expect that we will have departed by midnight but are flexible!

Please be aware the construction work on the NW Van Buren Street bridge has already begun and will continue throughout the summer and into 2026!  Please check this ODOT website for latest information if coming from downtown.  https://odotopenhouse.org/vbb-construction?utm_campaign=vbb-construction&utm_source=gov_delivery&utm_medium=email

Wearing Vintage Spartan or other 60s clothing is always a plus.  Much of the action will be outside, but there will be some indoor access in case of sun/rain) so dress for the weather of the day and bring a sweater or light jacket “just in case”. 

This year there will be a buffet dinner with cash bar.  Appetizers will be available shortly after 5 pm with the dinner service at 6 pm.  Menu will include a choice of tri-tip or salmon with potatoes, steamed vegetables, Caesar salad, dinner rolls and brownies.  A vegetarian option will be provided.  If you would like one, please note that on the RSVP.  Free beverages will be coffee, water, iced tea and lemonade.  Sodas in 20-ounce plastic bottles will be $3.00 and there will be a wine/beer no-host bar.

Cost is $30/person plus soda and no-host bar.


What-3:  Saturday, August 26th Picnic at the Rotary Shelter (closest to the river) at Willamette Park

Address1350 SE Goodnight Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333 (look for a small green park sign off Highway 99W as you are southbound from Corvallis)

Saturday, August 26th a casual picnic at the beautiful Rotary Shelter at Willamette Park.  We have the shelter from 8-4 and you are welcome to come at 10:00 a.m. for coffee and visiting (or come earlier and help set up!).  There are new permanent ADA-accessible restrooms close to the Rotary Shelter.

catered picnic lunch with assorted sandwiches (ham and Swiss, turkey and cheddar, vegetarian), salads (Greek, fruit and potato), cookies and water will be available from 11-1 to those registering in advance (though if there is enough food, you are welcome to pay and partake onsite). 

Please bring any other non-alcoholic beverages you prefer as well. 

Costs for the catered lunch is $15/person.

You may also choose to bring your own picnic fare from home or a local restaurant/grocery store for No Charge.

This is a busy park in the summertime with a lot of river float traffic!  

If you do not find space to park your vehicle next to the Rotary Shelter, drive to the overflow parking area near the entry to the park (it is on the left as you enter the park and just past the Community Garden).  The walk back to the shelter takes about 5 minutes.

Transportation to the shelter and back to the overflow parking area will be available this year!  Go to a blue and white CHS flag for your ride.  Please call 541-760-1073 if you don’t find a driver waiting!

Volunteers to help by using their cars to shuttle to and from the overflow parking area will be greatly welcomed!  If lots of people volunteer, the shifts will be quite short.


Please Register by August 11

We would be grateful to hear from you by or before August 11 if at all possible.  We need to provide final numbers to the Whiteside Theatre, Trysting Tree and New Morning by August 20.  We anticipate that some may not know if they will attend until the last minute.  When you decide, even if it is just days before the gathering, please register.   But don’t let the lack of pre-registration keep you or anyone else you know from coming, even if it is the “day of.”  We really want to see you!   

Please email Judy Hennings Butler at butlerj47@comcast.net  with the registration information asked for on the last page of this announcement.   Alternatively, you may print the page, add your information and mail it to: 

CHS Multi-Class Gathering, c/o Judy Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis OR  97333-1334

Small Adventures Events

There are several interesting events in the planning stages for small groups during the weekend!  If you are interested in any of the events, please contact Tami Oberson Markham (’65) at tamara.markham@gmail.com.  We will also be sending further details later via emails to the class representatives and will post updates on class websites and Facebook pages.

Several self-guided walking tours around campus, the historic areas of Corvallis, a downtown Alley Art Walk and a walk highlighting the Downtown Murals are available.

The Visit Corvallis website planning tab has self-guided tours of the Downtown Corvallis Alley Art Walk and the Corvallis Murals Scavenger Hunt at https://www.visitcorvallis.com/planning as well as information on the https://www.visitcorvallis.com/downtown-corvallis home page with links to the Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath and the new Corvallis Museum, Saturday Farmers’ Market (9-11 on 1st street between Jackson and Monroe) and so much more!

They also have printouts of the many historic district home tours in their office in the alley between SW 2nd and 3rd and Madison and Monroe.  Copies will also be available at the Trysting Tree and Willamette Park events.

OSU has changed a lot recently!  There are some interesting self-guided walking tours available of the trees, quiet spaces and cultural centers on campus at https://counseling.oregonstate.edu/main/nature-resources ; also


Other possibilities are:

Friday morning walk from 10:30-12:30 in the Fitton Green Natural Area.  Free.  Please email Tami if you are interested.

Exploration of the Finley Wildlife Refuge.  If enough people are interested, a group can carpool from the picnic at Willamette Park after lunch and visiting.  Please email Tami for details.

Other Friday and Saturday options are touring the new Corvallis Museum downtown or the Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath, exploring Farmers Market from 9-1 downtown on Saturday on the Riverfront, and perhaps and easy bike ride through campus to the covered bridge by the Fairgrounds.

Some classes will be planning additional events in conjunction with the All-60s and these may be on Thursday the 24th or Sunday the 27th

As a last reminder, day-of volunteers to help with set up, registration, cleanup at both events and as shuttle drivers at Willamette Park are most welcome!  Please contact Judy Hennings Butler or indicate your willingness on the RSVP form!

Thank you!  Go Spartans!  And Be Safe!

Now continue to last page for Registration Form!


REGISTER HERE for CHS ALL-60s Annual Gathering Events August 25-26, 2023

___________# people who will attend the Friday afternoon event at the Whiteside Theatre (Free!) but please Let us know if you are planning to attend!

___________# people who will attend the Friday night event at the Trysting Tree Golf Course @ $30/person

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic at Willamette Park with provided catered lunch @ $15/person. Water provided, please bring any other beverages you prefer.

___________# people who will attend the Saturday Picnic and bring their own lunch and beverage (no charge)


Names (and CHS affiliation/class year, if applicable) of ALL those attending:


Preferred Contact information (email/text/mailing address).  This is important as we want to be able to reach you if there are any last-minute changes!) 


For the All-60s events, payment will be accepted at the door.  You are welcome to send a check in advance if that is more convenient for you. 

We are working on a way to accept credit card payments, but at this time, we are only accepting checks or cash.  If we are set up to take credit cards before the events in August we will update the facebook pages and class representatives will receive the glad tidings to share with you!  

No charge for those attending the Friday afternoon movie with refreshments at the Whiteside Theatre

$30/person     for those only wishing to attend the Friday evening event at the Trysting Tree.

$15/person     for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic with catered lunch

no charge        for those only wishing to attend the Saturday Picnic & bring their own lunch.

Total for all events=$45/person

You can make a check out to: CHS 60s Annual Gathering and mail it to Judy Hennings Butler, 2679 SW 45th St., Corvallis, OR  97333. Or wait and pay with cash or check at the events.

Would you like to volunteer to help at set up and registration for any events?  All are welcome!

Email butlerj47@comcast.net or add your name and volunteer interest on line below: