1995- Eagle, Idaho

Left the day after graduating from CHS to move to Idaho with my family. After Graduation from Idaho State University, my career has been in journalism (newspaper writer and editor), education (alumni director at ISY, and public relations (fifteen years at US West Communications).

Nearly two years ago I became President and Executive Director of the Idaho Community Foundation, a charitable organization that seeks funding to meet nonprofit needs throughout the state. Idaho encompasses 80,000 square miles, so the travel involved provides great diversity in geography and people. I do enjoy it very much, however. Public service of various kinds has also been on my agenda as I continue a second term as Mayor of Eagle, Idaho. Rapid growth in the state has resulted in many challenges as the city has grown from 2,000 people to nearly 7,000 during my eight years in office. That makes Eagle a big city by Idaho standards—the 20th largest of 190 cities in the state.

Married to Donna for 28 years now, our three children (a teacher, a plumber, and a college student) are grown and married with out three grandsons keeping life enjoyable.

Spouse: Donna Panko Guerber, Technical Clerk at US West,

Children, 26, 25, 20

Grandchildren: 3, 1,1

Special Message: Without doubt, the three years as manager of Coach John Platt’s wrestling team and being there when Jim Blackford’s pin won the state title for CHS at Gill Coliseum will never be forgotten.



1995-Eugene, Oregon

Manage four acre winegrape vineyard. Assistant teacher at Crow High School in Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Algebra. Married 25 years to Allen Eckerdt (celebrated our 25th last June with a great trip to Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali). Have two sons. Shawn, 18, is a freshman at OSU in Engineering. Chris, 16, is a junior at Crow High School.

Hobbies include animals, oil painting, mountain biking, reading, cross country skiing. Also enjoy gardening and cultivating flowers on our one-acre farm.

Spouse: Allen Eckerdt, Materials Manager, Spectra Physics; Children 16, 18.

Special Message: From an old Irish Ballad….

         May the road rise up to meet you,

         May the wind be always at your back,

         May the sun shine warm upon your face,

         And the rains fall soft upon your fields,

         And until we meet again,

         May God hold you in the palm of His Hand.



1995-Oakland, California

I’m a lawyer at Citibank in San Francisco now. After CHS I went to Stanford, had a great time and got suitably radicalized…but also went into the Army when I graduated. After narrowly missing Vietnam, I worked in Washington, D.C. for a bit before going to law school in Chicago. There I met my ex-wife and we went to San Francisco after my ’76 graduation. I’ve been practicing law ever since. In 1993 we were divorced.

I’ve got two children, ages 7 and 12 who are with me every other week. Between the children and work, it seems I have no time at all for anything else.

Divorced: Children: 7 and 12.



1995-Salem, Oregon

Occupation-Marion County Public Works Director, Salem

Hobbies: Building a unique home near Lyle, Washington, snow boarding, wind          surfing. Birding




1995-Arlington, Washington

I am now the Director of Pharmacy at Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington, WA. It only took ten years to get back to the great Pacific Northwest after graduate school  in Wisconsin and seven years as a pharmacy supervisor at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York.

I hope to get back into backpacking and mountain climbing in the Cascades and Olympics very soon.

Spouse: Kathleen L. Hanson, Adult Nurse Practitioner.



1995-Bainbridge Isle, Washington

I have a very happy and fulfilling life. I live with my husband, Mark, and our aging miniature dachshund and a 25 pound diabetic cat on an island across from Seattle. I have four young adult step-children and three delightful granddaughters.

I graduated from Portland State University in 1972 and worked for eleven years for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon. After moving to Bainbridge lsland and becoming a custodial stepmother (challenging and very rewarding!) for my husband's then 15 year old son, I have never returned to the work force. Mark was fortunate to be able to take an early retirement a few years ago and I am happy to be "retired" with him.

I am involved in several volunteer activities, primarily through my church. The one I enjoy most is working at the after-school program for kindergarten through fifth grades. For fun, I take ballet and modem dance classes, kayak, garden, draw, and still read a great deal. Mark and I have made two trips to the UK and enjoy exploring England and Scotland by car. We hope to make another trip there in a few years. My parents are both healthy and active. I don't plan to attend the reunion. I'm still rather shy - though much more comfortably so than I was 30 years ago! I wish a wonderful time for everyone who does attend.

Special Message: A special hello to all the former Camp Fire girls!

Spouse: Mark A. Norrander, Art Director/Ad Agency Principal (retired); Step-Children: 25, 27, 29, 31

Grandchildren: 6 1/2, 3O mos., 29 mos.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Not long after graduating CHS I signed up for a three-year stint in the US Army. Duty tours included Missouri, Vietnam, and Pennsylvania. I returned home with a Pennsylvania bride, Peggy - a full-fledged, accordion toting, Pollock! We celebrated 26 years in May.

I've spent most of my life "bendin' nails." For the past 18 years I've had my own construction business doing custom designing, building, and remodeling. Recently, I've moved into roofing as well. Peggy says one of these days I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Peggy and I have two children with only our son, Ryan, at home. He begins CHS in September and keeps us VERY busy with lots of sports and activities. Our daughter, Robyn, is almost 21 and is engaged to a great guy. She lives in Corvallis and we see her often. We're probably looking at a wedding late next year.

Most of our traveling was done in "pre-kid" years tho' we fly back east almost every summer to see Peg's family in Pittsburgh. We usually take in some of the sites in surrounding states as part of the trip. This year it's Virginia.

When I have time for fun I enjoy hunting, boating, hiking, and fishing. Volunteer activities include being a 4-H leader for the Corvallis Sharp Shooters, basketball score keeper, roller hockey team driver/supporter, school activity volunteer, and drum hauler for Ryan's four- piece band -- The Stained Doilies (don't ask) - but if they become famous you can say you know the father.

It’s been fun helping with the CHS 3Oth Reunion for the Class of '65 - thanks to my wife for helping me out so much too! See you at the 40th!

Spouse: Peggy Haleva Harris, Program Associate, Oregon State University Extension Sea Grant; Children: Robyn (2O), Ryan (13)



1995-Albany, Oregon

Dick is a self-employed diesel mechanic specializing in fuel injection systems and I spend my working hours at North Albany Middle School as a counselor.

Our son, Jacob, just completed his first year at George Fox College. Jessica is graduating from high school and headed for Pacific University in September. Jamie, our youngest, will be a  junior in high school this fall.

Most of our time is devoted to kid stuff, work and church activities. However when possible, we head for the lakes for boating, fishing and camping with family and friends.

Our newest thing is learning the art of canoeing (we are truly novices) down the river forward, backward, sideways, ducking under trees and beaching on gravel bars. Toby, our Springer spaniel, loves (ignorance is bliss) heading for the rivers and lakes with us.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

For the past 17 years I have been a research assistant in the Agricultural Chemistry Department at Oregon State University studying the trace mineral, selenium. As a part of my work I have been able to visit China in 1984 (two months before our daughter was born) and, just after our last reunion, New Zealand. We have been back in Corvallis for 21 years now after living in Ithaca, New York; Morristown, New Jersey; and Palo Alto, California. We have a "mini zoo" --bird fish, dog, cat and turtles and a number of other, more transient, guests.

We enjoy traveling now that our daughter is older, and have done a lot of rock-hounding trips especially to Central and Eastern Oregon. Last summer we drove to and around Alaska and this summer we'll go to the Florida Keys and Golf Coast for snorkeling and shelling. I volunteer as much as I can in Catherine's school and with other education- related activities (Saturday Academy mentor, Women in Science Workshops, etc.) as well as some OSU committees. There's not much time left for anything else, but it's a good life and I'm enjoying each day!

Spouse: David A. Butler, Professor, Statistics Dept., OSU; Child: Catherine, age 10



1995-Salem, Oregon

Steve-Air Force 1966-1970, Nursing Home Administrator since 1977


Have been married 28 years. Lived in Oregon, Washington and North Dakota. Enjoy sporting events and outdoor activities.

Two sons: Scott, 26, Professional baseball umpire. I enjoy flying to different parts of the US to watch him work. Mark, 23, College student and roofer. He loves to fish all the rivers in Washington and Oregon.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Bob didn’t write anything but since he lives here in Corvallis and lives a few blocks away from one of the committee members—we’ll write it for him. Bob has worked at Green and White Rock Products for a long time as manager. He’s kinda’ like an air traffic controller only on the ground –keeping Green & White rock and cement deliveries on time and landing safely. Bob’s wife, Rita, works as a nurse at the Corvallis Clinic. Their car is gone a lot so they are probably busy like the rest of us. They have a son in college (Southern Oregon State College) and a daughter in high school—at CHS. Both Bob and Rita are always similin’ so life must be nice.

Spouse: Rita, Nurse; Children: Bobby 18, Heather 16.



1995-Albany, Oregon

Occupation-housewife and doing all bookkeeping for farm and construction business.  1994 youngest daughter started college so thought my days at school activities were over but my grandchildren started school the following September so am busy with their activities and running them around. The time flies by between the things I do for the business and the things I do for the kids and grandkids. We build spec houses to sell and some commercial construction. We bought a farm in 1980 and started raising grass seed and non-farm 1700 acres raising fescue, ryegrass and orchard grass seed.

Spouse: Bob Graham, Building Contractor/Grass Seed Grower:

Children: 18, 22, 26; Grandchildren, 2, 7, 7



1995-Northridge, CA

After leaving CHS, I survived the Vietnam War by joining the Navy. I spent a total of two years off the coast of Vietnam. lf you have to go to war, an air-conditioned ship beats a hot muddy rice paddy anytime. After seven years in the Navy, I served thirteen more in the California Air and Army National Guard. I attended Los Angeles Trade Tech and earned an A.S. degree in Radio-Communications Electronics. Living in Southern California for over 25 years I also earned a Masters degree in catastrophes; riots, earthquakes, fires, floods, crime and taxes.

I worked for Pacific Bell and AT&T for ten years and have been working the last five years as a technician for Associated Press. lf a news story or photo has (AP) beside it, it went through computers, printers, and satellite systems that I work on. I was married 14 years, divorced, no kids. My hobbies, both acquired in Corvallis, are square dancing and model railroading. When not doing anything else, I enjoy shooting and writing letters to the editors of newspapers.

Special Message: I was a globe-trotting military kid when I came to Corvallis; I kept traveling when I left. From as far east as West Germany to as far west as the middle of the lndian Ocean, the three years I spent in Corvallis and especially my senior year at CHS have been the most influential in my life.



1995-Morgantown, West Virginia

I am a Professor of Educational Psychology beginning my 21st year at West Virginia University. I earned a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon in 1969 and an MA and PhD in Child and Developmental Psychology from the University of Kansas in 1971 and 1973, respectively. I was married for seventeen years to Hilda Bengtson from Eugene and we have two daughters, Megan and Sarah.

I have been single again for ten years and I enjoy running, tennis and watching Sarah play soccer. I also enjoy hiking and mountain climbing. I serve as chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the City of Morgantown and am a Housing Authority Commissioner. Meditation, yoga and tai chi practices have become very important to me over the past ten years.

Children: Sarah 14, Megan 16.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

I graduated from OSU in 1969 in Business, U.S. Army after OSU. Bought a VW-Mazda dealership in 1974. Sold it in 1992 after 18 years of 65 hour weeks. That was enough. Then I became a bum for 1 ½ years (I finally found something I was good at). Started a new business in 1993 and it is doing fine.

My son graduated from the University of Oregon in Business and has a great job in Portland. He never asks for money. Great kid. My daughter is a part-time actress-gofer in Los Angeles. She never asks for money. I am single. (Does that make the kids illegitimate?)

I golf, play tennis, softball and basketball. Still into old cars and have some street rods. I enjoy gourmet cooking and landscaping (not at the same time). I am the President-Elect of the Rotary Club and go to France and England this summer for the Rotary International Convention. I am very happy and life has been good.



1995-Browns Valley, California

I have been married to Henry for 29 years, spending most of that time in central California. We have two wonderful children. Our daughter, Teresa is a 25 year old mathematician working for Hewlett Packard and living in Corvallis. Our son, Shaun is 21 years  old and living in Yuba City. We are kept very busy building our new home on five acres in the country. This is the second house we have built. We love the foothills. I have very little time for other activities but I do enjoy my family, working with youth, sewing and crafts, genealogy and church work.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer science and teaching credential in 1982. I was teaching math and computer science in a continuation high school when I became their teaching vice principal. I earned my master’s degree in school administration and am now the acting principal. I have been at the same school for ten years and considering a change, maybe even serving in administration permanently. Life is never dull!

Spouse: Henry Clay, Computer Consultant: Children 25, 21.



1995- Hillsboro, Oregon

I am the executive assistant to the President/EEO of Pacific Gas Transmission Co. in Portland. I have four children: Kellie, Adam, Drey, Nathanael. I attended OSU –Business Education major. Moved a lot but have been in Portland now eleven years. Rick and I were divorced last year. My hobbies include watching my boys play sports – Adam graduates this year from Sunset High School and will play football and basketball at SOC this fall. I enjoy running and weight lifting. Love to read when I have time. I’m very attached to a man named Don Gehring who shares my interests in running, weight lifting as well as many other interests in common-extraordinarily happy!

Children: 25, 18, 16, 14



1997-Salem, Oregon

Everything (well, almost everything) I told you five years ago is still true. I am still a media specialist at Hoover Elementary School in Salem. My husband is still working on his PhD (but almost done). My son, Geoff (24) still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. He’s currently driving a medical taxi. My son, Robby, is still going to school. He’s majoring in engineering at Case Western Reserve University. I still play handbells and knit fabulous sweaters. I still love to travel. My hair is getting more gray and my bifocals are getting stronger. I can’t walk as far without getting tired, but I can still talk as much as ever and still enjoy a good laugh.

Spouse: Allan Hayes Vogel, Children: 24, 20