Since I was the quiet, shy girl in high school, you probably wonder who is this person! I live in Salem with my husband, Warren. We’ve been married 32 years this year and have two kids. Alicia is 28, married to Geoff in 2003. Andrew is 25, married to Heather also in 2003 (what a busy year that was!). Someday we’ll also get to be grandparents! I’m the Fiscal Director for Oregon School Employees Association and Warren owns his own Chem-Dry business. We enjoy traveling, although don’t do nearly as much as I would like! Did enjoy a trip to Ireland , Scotland and London last fall. Quilting is my stress-reliever, I like to spend as much time as I can in my quilting room! I look forward to seeing you on Friday night.



2005-Mission Hills, California

After leaving CHS, I survived the Vietnam War by joining the Navy. I served seven years, including 5 trips to the Vietnam area. I did 13 more years in the California Army and Air National Guard.

I attended Los Angeles Trade-Tech and earned an A.S. in Radio-Communications Electronics. Living in Southern California for over 35 years, I earned a Masters Degree in catastrophes, riots, earthquakes, fires, floods, crime and taxes.

I worked in the RV industry for several years, then Pac-Bell and A T & T for ten years. I have worked the last 15 years as a technician for Associated Press. If a news story has “AP” beside it, it went through computers and satellite systems I work on.

I was married 14 years, divorced, no kids.

My hobbies, both acquired in Corvallis, are Square Dancing and Model Railroading. When not doing anything else, I love writing letters to the editors and hanging out on the Internet.

Special Message: I was a globe-trotting military kid when I passed through Corvallis. The three years I spent here at CHS were some of the most influential in my life



2005-Hillsboro, Oregon

Current Status: Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Medical Corps Pathologist. Three children: Amy, 28, OSU graduate in Animal Science; Jacob, 24, Master’s in Electrical Engineering from University of Rochester, NY, US Navy air navigator-in-training; Stephen, 18, just graduated from Century High School in Hillsboro, percussionist and VP CHS Band. Wife of 28 years divorced me in December, 2004.

Currently I am essentially a professional Boy Scout leader. I am Advisor for Venturing Crew 225 and Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 225, both sponsored by Hi llsboro Elks Lodge. Already in 2005 (June 13) I have 21 nights camping and have lifetime almost 400 nights camping with family and scouts. I just returned from a backpack trip up Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge, with my sister Katherine going along as adult female chaperone for Venturing young ladies. At the 2005 Tuality District Camporee at Elk Meadows near Jewel, I was in charge of the High Adventure Relay. I am Service Projects Coordinator and Fund Raising Chairman for the Crew and Troop. This year, we helped the Elks make up and deliver 500 Christmas boxes and netted $7,600. Recycling 1,500 Christmas trees. In mid-July I’ll be going to Camp Baldwin east of Mr. Hood with the troop for one week, climbing rocks, swimming, riding horses, teaching First Aid merit badge and helping to cook all our own meals over the campfire.

Primary interests include medical research, history, politics, nutrition and writing. I have published 40 medical journal articles and five book chapters. Also like to hike and play historic-type computer games (Win the war a new way or avoid the war all together). I have read over 50 non-fiction books in the past year.



2005-Tigard, Oregon

Working for a knife maker here in Tigard. Purchased a condo

1 ½ years ago. I am slowly doing the updates: lighting, carpeting, painting, new wood flooring for the kitchen, moldings, etc. for my home. Next the kitchen cabinets.

I am lucky that my neighbors all get along. One neighbor loans me all the tools I need for my projects.

Between work, friends and projects, estate sales (a favorite hobby) life is full and flies by.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.




I’m living in a suburb north of Pittsburgh PA with my husband, Bert, a University of Pittsburgh professor and our two dogs.

Our eldest daughter, Amy, is living in NC and owns an Internet company which provides learning tools for parents and teachers of autistic children.

Our youngest daughter, Mandy, has just moved from Louisville KY to Dallas TX where she has accepted a tenure track teaching position with the University of Texas in Developmental Psychology.

I have worked for Alcoa, Inc. for the past 21 years. Globally, Alcoa makes aluminum and a variety of products from car and airplane parts to the “Reynolds” brand of consumer products.

I enjoy bicycling, traveling, gardening, x-country skiing, movies, live theatre and photography. Secret vice: I still drive a mini—van and bought a new one this year. I did not take advantage of the mini-van therapy our daughter suggested was available through the dealership.




I have been married 36 years. We have one child, male, 34 years old. I retired from work in July of 2003. I worked in two hospitals in the Portland, Oregon area for 28 ½ years. I was a certified health coordinator. We have lived in the same house for over 28 years and we have two cats. My husband retired on the same day as I did and now we spend a lot of time traveling. In the last 3 years we have gone to Victoria, B.C., Windsor, California, Hawaii and always the Oregon coast. I love to swim, read and travel. My best to all of my fellow classmates.




Walt retired from teaching @ Lincoln County School District on June 16th, 2003. Had been hired as a disaster assistance employee for the Federal Emergency Management Agency on March 2003. He has been deployed to several disasters in the last two years. He is finding this as much fun as teaching was before the changes in funding and the non funding of the CIM and Cam. When he is home he has friends that he substitutes for it if doesn’t interfere with his car club activities/car shows an drag racing. We currently own a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 2drht, a 1976 Ranchero and a 1995 Lightning PU co-owned with son, Ryan. Currently building a 1986 Mustang bracket race car w/ a 302ci engine, C4 transmission and a narrowed 9” rear end.




After graduation from CHS my family moved to California. I married a man who worked in the diplomatic core, which meant that we lived in Virginia as well as various places overseas: China, Taiwan (twice), Malaysia, and Italy. In 1992 I returned to California with my children and have since remarried. My three children are college graduates, busy and happy with their own careers. I have two grandchildren who are absolutely “perfect”! I’m blessed that they are all quite close to me. Though I have taught nearly all levels from kindergarten to high school seniors, I am presently a sixth grade teacher. I have started the countdown until retirement…two more years.



2005-Ridgefield, Washington

These past 40 years have been both challenging and extremely rewarding. After graduation I attended OSU where I met my husband, Don, and this month we celebrate our 38th anniversary. We have two children; our son, David, and his wife live in Boise. They have a two year old daughter and have just adopted a baby boy from Korea. Our daughter Marcie and her husband live in Olympia and have five-year-old identical twin daughters. I was cut out to be a grandmother and these four children light up my life.

Don and I have spent our 38 years in Oregon and retired as of a year ago to Ridgefield, Washington. We love our new home and have found ourselves among neighbors who have welcomed us as though we have lived here forever.

As to career, I managed a portrait studio in Astoria for 13 years and worked as an office coordinator in both general dental and orthodontic practices for a number of years.

The emphasis of these forty years for me has been my family and friends. God has blessed me abundantly.




Hello to anyone who remembers me from my 3 years at  Highland View or 5th and 6thgrades at Franklin. I’ve called Eugene home since 1965 (with the exception of a year studying in Italy and several years working in San Francisco).

My husband, Tom, and I raised our 2 sons (McKenzie and Will) on the family farm where Tom grew up. We shared the farm with Tom’s parents who encouraged us to help in the maintenance of the place. The 20 year experience of living with 3 generations of family was wonderful and rewarding. Presently Tom and I are the only family still “holding down the fort”. We stay busy with a large organic garden, food preservation, forest management, sheep, chickens and rental properties in Eugene and Douglas County. The schedule is flexible and the work is varied-from bookkeeping to renovating houses to assisting with the birthing of lambs.

My parents and siblings all now live in this Eugene-Springfield area.

Guess I’m still shy, which is to say I probably won’t attend (the reunion) . After all, I moved from Corvallis after 9th grade at Highland View. I loved Corvallis and my friends, but I was startled to realize I knew so few classmate from the roster that was sent a year ago.

Thanks and best wishes.




Spouse’s name: Bill Simpson

Children’s names: Lori Lemhouse, Aaron Simpson, Dale Simpson

Work/Career: Administrative Assistant, Benton County Parks Dept.

Interests and Hobbies: RV camping, hiking, biking, walking, gardening.




Forty years already….as long as I don’t look in the mirror it doesn’t seem possible! Well, in that time I have married, divorced, married, divorced, married again (31 years), had 3 children, worked in a slew of jobs, owned my own business (make cedar ornaments on a scroll saw), and have been owned by many dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets and fish! I take care of my mother-in-law’s rental yards and am now mainly a caregiver to my husband who has terminal cancer. We were hoping to go to the reunion but he has only a few weeks left. We were on-the-road crafters for ten years traveling most of Western USA. I still love to read and would love to know how Barbara Pegg, Grace Phinney, Claudia Yoakum, Eric Odom, Phyllis Kenyon and all my friends from First Baptist Church are. Big into scrapbooking now a days.



2005-Redmond, Oregon

After teaching and coaching at North Bend High School for 30 years, I retired in 2002. Mary and I then moved to Redmond in Central Oregon and avoid 4 ½ feet of annual rain. The two of us are outdoors on almost a daily basis. We lead hikes and snowshoe trips for the community we live in at Eagle Crest. We also kayak with our neighbors. Our two boys got us into fly fishing, so we are exploring many of the local waters. We assist the U. S. Forest Service in census work for trout spawning sites on the Metolius River as well as distribute trout eggs to local schools for classroom rearing. Mary and I got caught up in the sport of geocaching in which we use GPS units to locate hidden caches around the state. This takes us to many fascinating places. God has been good to us.