1995-Iowa City, Iowa

College Professor in Art History and Photography at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. Wife, Judy (Popovich, CHS ’64) is a professor at University of Iowa. One son, Tom, age 17. Roger has commuted to Omaha from Iowa City for 15 years.

Hobbies: golf, piano tunes.



1995-Orem, Utah

Received B.S. at Oregon State in Education, 1969. Married 1968. Spent 4 years in Army with husband (1 yr. Oklahoma, 3 years Germany) and really enjoyed the travel experiences. Then spent 9 years with graduate work and post doctorate with husband in Utah and Washington State. Currently loving life as a full-time homemaker, avid jogger and gardener (hey, look at my name!). Very involved in church and school service.

I can’t believe how many of you live in Corvallis or surrounding area!

Husband: John S. Gardner, Faculty, Brigham Young University; Children 25, 23, 20, 16, 9; Grandchild: 2 months.

Special Message: Since this seems to the “the year of Forrest Gump,”  I’ve enclosed “Wisdom from Forrest Gump” for everyone’s consideration and enjoyment!!!!

*If you don’t know where you are goin’. You will probably not wind up there.

*Most people don’t look dumb ‘til they start talkin’.

*Do not make excuses unless you have to.

*Always try to do the right thing, unless your conscience tells you otherwise.

*You got to cry, do it by yourself, and be quick about it.

*Whatever you do, try to have a reason to do it.

*Always be nice to your mama.

*To save energy, do not go out lookin’ for trouble; chances are, it will find you soon enough.

*Nobody every got into trouble by keepin’ his mouth shut.        

*Always be ready to take a chance: Look what it did for Rocky.

*If you can’t sing good, sing loud.

*Do not put stock in newspapers, you can find out more just by lookin’ around at what is goin’ on.

*People not to talk back to: 1. Your teacher, 2.  First Sergeants, 3. The police, 4. Your mama.

*Life is like a rubber band: harder you go forward, harder you snap back. So do not make slip-ups.

*If you see a line, go stand in it. Probably can’t hurt nothin’.

*Always say “thank you”, even if you don’t mean it.

*Always save enough money for one phone call and one use of a pay toilet.

*Do not eat anything you do not know what it is.

*There are times when you cannot let the right thing stand in your way.

*Do not cry over skim milk.



1995-Portland, Oregon

I still live at the same address. I presently work in sales for a company that works for a company that works for Price/Costco. My hobbies are sewing and ceramics when I have time. My husband, Larry, is restoring a couple of old cars. My daughter, Tami, got married a year ago. My son, Andy, is into writing music.

Spouse: Larry Raney, groundskeeper; Children: Tami, 26, Andy 21.



1995-Willamina, Oregon

I have taught for twenty years now. I started in Corvallis and then moved to Willamina where I am in my 18th year of teaching Chapter I Reading. My kids are all three in their college years—one in Portland. It is a great time to see them grown but being single, I will be very happy to have them graduated and supporting themselves.

My main hobbies are sewing craft items and collecting toy sewing machines and sewing items. I sell my things each year at fall craft sales.

Children: 23, 22, 20



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

I celebrated 19 years with Hewlett Packard this year. Most of those years were spent as a production capacity planner although I’ve recently made a job change to business process analyst. About 5 years ago, when my younger son was three, I took a year off and returned as a permanent part-time employee. My working hours match my son’s school hours which is perfect for both of us. HP has been very good to me and I enjoy working there.

Our oldest son recently graduated from OSU and is working for an investment firm in Bend, OR. Our young son, who was an unplanned blessing, keeps us busy and hopefully young in mind if not in body.

My hobbies and interests are trying to keep up with our young son, women’s bible study and volunteering some time at school and at the Corvallis Pregnancy Care Center. We also spend time with family members as they are all close by.

Spouse: Craig McEldowney; Children 8 yr., 28 yrs.



1995-Vancouver, Washington

With all three children now graduated from college, we have retired and enjoy traveling and spoiling our first grandchild, Evangeline, who is 10 months old. When home we like to go boating and snowmobiling.

Spouse: Michael. R. Cook; Children: 26, 25, 23 yrs; Grandchildren: 10 months



1995-Plano, Texas

I am happily married and living in Plano, Texas, a suburb just outside of Dallas. I am a secretary for a large real estate firm and live my work and the people I work with. I have been there five and a half years now. My husband, David, is a building contractor and selling houses as fast as he can build them! Our two daughters, Carolyn and Diana, are both doing very well and out on their own. Carolyn is married and a grammar school teacher. She blessed us with a grandson three years ago January, and of course, he’s the apple of our eye!! Diana is finishing college and is engaged to be married next May to a great guy! We’re all fine and healthy and keep very busy.

Spouse: David Rettig, Building Contractor; Children: 15, 21 years; Grandchildren 3 yr.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

I am an electrical/electronics/software engineer (retired) and working as a part-time consultant. I’ve been married 23 years, no kids.

Spouse: Margaret Berman, Seamstress, clerk

Special Message: Corvallis wasn’t a bad place to grow up, was it?



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

I’m a serviceman for Pacific Power and have been for almost 27 years. I took up golfing last year. Can’t seem to get enough it it. Married since 1966.

Our two sons both graduated. One from Oregon State University, the other University of Oregon. J.R., the oldest, lives here in Corvallis and works for Hewlett Packard. Jon is presently in Sun Valley, Idaho – who knows where next week.

Spouse: Janet Bier, State Farm Insurance Claims; Children: 25, 26 yrs.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Eric provided several pages from his vita with a note to the yearbook committee to take what information we wanted – a brave man! Actually it looks like he has been a busy man for the past 30 years. After CHS, Eric completed his B.S. in Business Marketing from U of O in ’69 and did his post-graduate studies in Finance at UCLA Graduate School of Business, finishing in ’70.

Eric is the owner of Blackledge Furniture and Founding Director of Benton County Bank in Corvallis. He has an impressive list of community, state and national organizations, task forces, and boards that he has chaired, served, or presided over. He’s been the recipient of several noteworthy awards including Corvallis Jr. First Citizen, Oregon Retailer of the Year; five Outstanding Young Men of Oregon, and Northwest Home Furnishings Retailer of the Year! Good work!

Eric, we are a little concerned you mentioned nothing about having fun – you aren’t working too hard, are you??? We want you around to work on future reunion committees!

Spouse: Judy Blackledge, Retail Merchant



1995-Galveston, Texas

I attended Franklin Grade School, Highland View Jr. High and Corvallis High with you. I dropped out of school three weeks into my senior year (Class of ’65) and went to Vietnam. I have many fond memories of my former classmates and am looking forward to seeing you at the 30th Reunion.



1995-Portland, Oregon

I have spent the last 24 years with the Oregon State Police. I’m currently a detective with the Oregon State Police assigned to the FBI Drug Task Force as a narcotic/gang investigator. When I am not working (which is very seldom) I travel, spend time on my boat or at my cabin near Rhododendron/golfing! Prior to my assignment at the FBI, I worked 16 years as an outpost trooper at Government Camp on Mt. Hood.

Children: Daughter 23, Anchorage, Alaska; Grandchildren: Granddaughter age 2.



1995-Idaho Falls, Idaho

Educational background includes B.S. Physics, B.S. Math, Oregon State University 1969; M.S. Nuclear Engineering, Bettis Reaction Engineering School, 1971; L.L.B. LaSalle University (unaccredited) ’74; spotty work on PhD Physics, University of Idaho-“current.”

Current occupation is Naval Nuclear Propulsion Representative for Idaho. Lovely wife Karen (from Sarasota, Florida); Son Michael III (working in Idaho Falls); beautiful daughter Lynda—a handful.

Hobbies include hiking, camping, gardening, working on an obstinate VW, chicken rancher, tennis – snow level permitting; reformed computer geek, home remodeling, rollerblading. Volunteer activities include two wonderful stepchildren, one to graduate from nursing school (North Carolina), the other ion architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago).

Special Message: Hi guys!

Spouse: Karen, Registered Professional Nurse; Children: 21 & 2 years; Stepchildren: 23, 21; Grandchildren: 4 years.



1995-Philomath, Oregon

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Ocean Engineering, Oregon State University. After twenty years in the fast lane as a Naval officer/diver, I retired and came home to good ole’ Oregon. We have bought a farm in Kings Valley where we are raising trees, horses, livestock and kids. In my spare time, I commute to the East coast, West coast, South coast, and points overseas to continue my ocean engineering work. I’ve been married to my wife for 25 years.

Spouse: Jane (BS in Chemistry, MS in Computer Science); Children: 21, 19, 5.



1995-Rapid City, South Dakota

Several years ago we had the opportunity to purchase honey bees, the hive and harvesting equipment. In South Dakota, honey production is usually very great. Some years our beehive produces 300 pounds of honey. As a result, I began adjusting recipes to accommodate honey as the sweetener. Cooking everyday has been an interesting chance for me to use the terrific lessons that I learned at Oregon State University attaining a degree in Home Economics. Unfortunately, being a good cook leads to another activity I hate three times a week: exercise (Nautilus weight machines and walking)

Every other year, since 1983, at Thanksgiving time you will find at least two Rawls’ performing in the Black Hills Dance Theater productions of the Nutcracker Ballet. One year all six of us had a part. In addition to a dancing part, I always do the costumes for whichever character any family member is portraying. I have constructed tutus, boys, girls, men’s, and women’s formal wear, rat king regalia  and mice tails. The biggest costume was for Amber, as Mother Ginger; on stilts she was 9 feet tall.

Stewart and I have been dancing together since our first date over 30 years ago. Our children took various dance classes for various numbers of years. Christy is 21 and a Ballet major with a Business minor at Brigham Young University. Rick is 19 and majoring in Engineering at the University of Wyoming. He does country dancing for fun. Amber is 17 and she is in an Improvisation group, she does “tech” for drama, and managed the boys’ basketball team, she also plays piano and violin. Cheryl is 15 and a dancer. She is on the drill team and she also runs cross-country on the track team.

Stewart commutes (flies) to Philadelphia, PA to go to work as a Captain on ATR-42’s for Trans World Express. He has been a pilot for all of the years of our marriage, first for the Air Force, now for the airlines. JP-4 (jet fuel) flowing through his veins has meant that he is often away from home for long periods of time. When he is home he does a large vegetable garden, runs marathons and takes Cheryl and Rick deer or antelope hunting to stock the freezer. In the summer the whole family “puts up his garden produce.

For 20 years I have taught homemaking skills (as a volunteer) to adult women at our church.  Currently I am an adult leader to the Young Women. For the transition time between AF and TWE I worked as a bench jeweler, as a design assistant in one of the Black Hills gold factories. I was also an interpretive Park Ranger for two summers at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial doing Betsy Ross to audiences of 2,000 or more at the evening lighting ceremony. My life is joy-filled and very busy. The most challenging job I have is to keep “everything going.” I send my love to all of you and may God be with you.

Spouse: Frederick Stewart Rawls, Airline Captain; Children: 21, 19, 17, 15 yrs.

Special Message: Our summer plans are very complicated. To simplify them we have decided that we probably should not attend the reunion. Of course that is not how we prefer to arrange our life – by shoulds. We hope that if, at the last minute, we can come, we can let you know and be “squeezed in.”



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

My husband, Brian, and I are still in the car business. We own and operate Corvallis’ oldest existing used car dealership. Our girls are doing well on their own now. Tracy is married and Shelly engaged! We are currently awaiting the birth of our first grandchild in July.

Cars seem not only to be our business, but our passion. We presently have 8 collector cars. We enjoy driving and showing them at several car shows each year. We also enjoy traveling and antique collecting as often as we can.

Spouse: Brian Quakenbush, Owner G & J Auto Sales; Children 25, 21 years.



1995-Eugene, Oregon

I work in sales and marketing for Harris Waste Management Group in Woodburn. Son, Ross, is software engineer for Microsoft in Seattle; daughter, Jennifer, Pharmacy student at Purdue University; daughter, Carrie, student at Oregon State University; son, Phillip, North Eugene High School.

Spouse: Elizabeth, Teacher/ Springfield School District; Children 22, 21, 20, 16.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Spouse: Harald Nordhausen; Children: 22, 18 yrs.



1995-Corvallis, Oregon

Fourteen years ago I had a stroke which has slowed me down a bit (but friends say that’s good – I was getting kind of wild and crazy). Besides, I’ve never liked working anyway! So I don’t. Although keeping the records up-to-date for the Class of ’65 can sometimes be like a full-time job.

I love to do many kinds of needlework – since sitting activities are what I do best!

Since I’d gotten my license to drive 18-wheelers shortly before I had my stroke, I’m waiting for trucks to come equipped with an elevator to get into the cab and have an automatic transmission so I can drive them again. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to not being able to ride motorcycles. My  nickname of “Crash and Burn Calhoun” will just have to be a “fond memory”.