Multi Class Reunion 2022

3rd CHS All-60s Annual Gathering, 2022

Summary Report by Judy Hennings Butler


Approximate Attendance 139:

Some people from EACH class (1960-1969) attended, plus one from class of 1970 and one delightful storyteller from the class of 1958. A first time ever to have ALL classes represented!

Approximate Attendance by Class:

1958   1

1960   2

1961   3

1962   10

1963   2

1964   18

1965   36

1966   15

1967 10

1968 7

1969 4

1970 1

Guests 24

No class ID 3

Approximate Attendance by Event:

Movie= 37 registered; about 34 attended.

Friday night= 75 registered; about 95 attended.

Picnic= 95 registered; about 111 attended.

The Weekend:

The Whiteside Matinee:

Folks loved sharing memories of the Whiteside (many recalled that the dark balcony was a favorite place for romance!) and the movie, The Graduate, was a blast (from the past)! The tour, and free popcorn and sodas, were great treats! Thanks for all your efforts, Mike Franklin and Bob Hansen! Lynn Nordhausen, thank you for arranging to have our event announced for several days prior “all lit up” on the Whiteside Marquee!

The Corvallis Club:

The beautifully redone patio at the Corvallis Club received many compliments as did the food (raves for the shrimp seviche and the delicious cookies!) and Jim Hibbs’ music was perfect. Still several people remaining there after 10 pm to enjoy the lovely evening. Thanks so much, Lynn Nordhausen! You did an excellent job negotiating and coordinating this event!

The Picnic at Willamette Park:

The picnic was a great place to mingle, though parking was a problem due to an early morning fun run that had set between the Rotary Shelter and the river and then the usual river floaters later! Thank you to Chris McKay for recruiting 3 strong young men (who were waiting around for the fun run) to move the heavy picnic tables into the shelter for us! The wasp traps worked great, thanks to Mike and many volunteers, and Jane, Al, Lois, Chris and others really spiffed up the tables as the pre-event cleaning crew. The food from New Morning Bakery was delicious, thank you to Lynn Hellis for coordinating with them again. The individually wrapped 1/2 sandwiches in 3 varieties were easy to eat (and take home afterwards). The 3 salads (Greek, Fruit and Potato) were tasty. The cookie variety was delicious and it was a great idea (Jane Schneider?) to cut them in smaller pieces so people could have samples of each.


Elaine Franklin made some beautiful arrangements from Farmers Market flowers that were used at both the Friday night and Saturday events and they all found good homes afterwards. Thanks, too, to Elaine and Chris McKay for sharing photos! If anyone else has photos to share for the CHS 65 website, please let us know.

There were many admirers of Gwynn Phipps Hall’s lovely hand-made cards! Thank you, Gwynn, for taking the time to share your artistry with the attendees, even though you could not join us! Thanks to Mike and Elaine for organizing and sorting them and inviting all attendees to take one home to enjoy!

LaNor Wilhelm, Dianne Jackson, Ann Truax & Becky Lowe-Warren handled the arrivals crowds on Friday and Chris McKay, Roger Warren, Mike Franklin & Ann Truax helped in the Corvallis Club parking lot. Jane Schneider, Dianne Clay, Lois Shatzer, Teresa Shiflett-Lindsey and Al Richards coordinated check-in for the picnic and helped with the many new arrivals who needed nametags. This was a HUGE effort on both days, with so many walk-ins and registered people paying day-of with cash! Thank you so much to you all!

In fact, big thanks to everyone, named and unnamed, who volunteered as class reps, planning coordinators, day-of organizers, event set up and clean up and so much more! We also had many exceptionally generous donors who contributed to the annual events fund.

Many photos can now be found on Facebook. The primary page is “Corvallis High School ‘60’s Annual Gathering” and more will be on the website soon. If you took photos at any events and would like to share with us, please let us know!

Hope to see you all, and many more, next year!

Judy Hennings Butler on behalf of the CHS Annual All-60s Planning Committee