2000 (35th)-Colorado

My name until my senior year was Dick Brown. Then, in my sr. year, my last name reverted to my father’s-Brandow, i.e. Dick Brandow.

I’ve lived out here in the Denver area for the past 20 years—reluctantly a transplant. This is where my wife grew up and where her family lives. Though I’ve been professionally focused (BA from OSU in Engineering, Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver…yes, a strange combination) my fitness interests over the years have just recently connected me to Herbalife. The freedoms and opportunities I’m having building an organization with them is going to put me back in connection with my own roots in the Northwest. My parents are still in Corvallis.

At any rate, count on my presence for the full schedule (as it develops) around the reunion (35th).  It will be my very first since graduation in 1965! I’m really looking forward to it as you can well imagine.

I was in gym class all through our Junior High years and then continued at CHS with Sandy Green, Larry Thornburgh, David Myers, Mark Gustafson, Craig White and Bond Starker.




After CHS I went to OSU for a year, then married Lon Jackson and had our 1st daughter, Gina, who is now 38. We moved to Orange County, CA after Lon’s graduation in 1968 where he worked in strategic systems. We’d planned on staying there for 2 years but we finally retired and moved home to Oregon in 2004 after 36 years! During the CA time we had another daughter, Angela, who is 35. I received a degree in Library Technology and worked for the Placentia Library District for 21 years running their volunteer program, doing their graphics and working in the circulation department. In ’83 we joined the Porsche Club of America and have had great fun competing in concours, autocrossing rallying and touring (the states and even Europe!). Lon’s company sent us to Sydney, Australia for most of a year-a super experience-saw a great deal but not enough! After taking up quilting 6 years ago I have been active in several groups and in collecting fabric-I even make a quilt or two! We have 3 wonderful granddaughters, ages 14, 10, and 6-hard to leave them in OC but plan to visit often! Since returning to Corvallis we’ve been consumed with building our new house but can’t wait to enjoy more hiking, camping, fishing and touring in the northwest.





Although I keep our family home in Corvallis, I live on a 40 acre conservation award winning farm in the Belfair, Washington (Hood Canal) area-a ferry ride to Seattle. The farm is a wildlife refuge, and most space is being kept in natural vegetation timber space. After self-retiring as a public school teacher I worked for local newspapers as a photographer/writer. I have 6 horses and show competitively at Tennessee Walker Shows (flat shod, no pads or weights). My dog is an AKC Champion Standard Poodle and I rescue purebred dogs and horses (the latest has been a huge success and is related to Man’O’War as her heritage research shows).

I am past vice-president of Evergreen Garden Club and have landscaped my log home and log barn home site with edible plants or indigenous ones.

I am single, divorced in 1991.

I own a private tutoring business N. Mason Tutoring and give riding lessons where I am not showing horse or trail riding. My horses are: Arabian Stallion, 30 years; 4 Tennessee Walkers (4,6,3); thoroughbred mare “just placed”.

Painting, stained glass construction and sculpture are still hobbies. I collect and USE my three older cars: 1972 Mercedes 450 convertible, Subaru Bratt 4 wheel , VW Bus -72, 87 GMC Truck-newer Honda. I play the piano like a fool, swim and lift weights. Everything else will be divulged when I see you all.

Love, Susie



2005-Salem, Oregon

My life? I’m still the secretary at a body shop for a car dealership here in Salem. I’ve been married to John Westrick since 1970. We have two grown sons, two grandsons and a step-grandson. I enjoy my friends and family. I also enjoy crafts-I make beaded Christmas ornaments and enjoy a new hobby of making greeting cards. We have cats and a miniature doxie that provide us with lots of entertainment. We enjoy camping but don’t get to do that as often as we’d like. I can’t believe this is our 40th reunion.



2005-Salem, Oregon

I worked for Willamette Industry  (?) for 34 years. The Weyerhaeuser Co. for 2 years following the hostile take over. After a total of 36+ years working in one place I retired on July 29, 2004. I’ve enjoyed traveling, golfing and riding my Harley. My wife and I still live in Salem and plan on staying here. I have a son, Matthew, who is 33 and got married last year, who also lives in Salem. So far, Life’s great. I’ve been blessed with good health so let’s hope that continues.



2005-Arvada, Colorado

The last six years of retirement have been good ones. I am busier now than I ever was when I worked, which is hard to believe. I have had time to get the house and yard in shape and travel to the far corners of the earth. I have been to six of the seven continents, having recently returned from Antarctica and South America. Next year I have a trip planned in the opposite direction, toward the North Pole through the Norwegian Fjords. I travel with several friends, each with a different taste in transportation mode and destination and so I have the opportunity to travel to many places, each one unique: big ship cruising, European river cruising, short trips around the United States and extended visits to Europe without a particular itinerary. My mother, at 94, is well but I do travel to Corvallis frequently to visit




I retired in 2002 from the Beaverton School District after 29 years teaching special education. My first 3 years of teaching were in N.Y. I still go back to teaching occasionally when they call me and I do some subbing in special ed.

My husband , Bill,  also retired in 2002 from his position as Code Hearings Officer for the city of Portland.

We have 2 daughters. Meredith, 28, is living in San Jose, California. Liz, 24, is teaching English in Japan. We took advantage of this in March and went to visit her. She escorted us around southern Japan where she lives and works. We had a great time which included geisha hunting in Kyoto-found one!

The best part of retirement is the choice part-when to get up, where to go, or just the choice to do nothing all day. We’ve all earned those choices!



2005 -Seattle, Washington area

We still reside in the Seattle area. Dennis has worked for Boeing for 37 years. He plans to work for 2 more years. I work two days a week as a pharmacy assistant. I work in the Mental Health Clinic pharmacy.  We have 3 grown children….the oldest is married and lives in Tempe, Arizona. My daughter lives and works in the Chicago area and my other son teaches English in Toylao.

Since losing my mother last year in February I have been going back and forth every couple of months to Green Valley, AZ to check up on my Dad.

In my spare time I enjoy reading mysteries, staying in touch with friends and collecting bride dolls.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up on old news and all the latest happenings. Hope to see you all soon.




Elaine and I have been married for 22 years, neither had been married previously and no children. We were married in Portland and have since moved from there to Baton Rough, LA, Indianapolis, IN and now Brentwood, TN (a suburb of Nashville). We will certainly return to the northwest when we retire.

Elaine works in hospice and has held all imaginable positions from actual “hands-on” care as the visiting nurse to the Executive Director position. She is currently the Clinical Director for her current hospice in Nashville.

I have continued to work in the environmental field in the pulp and paper industry and am currently the Environmental Manager-SE Region for Temple-Inland, a company that owns forest land, operates building products facilities, paper mills, makes corrugated boxes and also owns a bank. I have been with this company for almost 17 years.

Living away from both our families, our greatest joy comes when we are able to visit them and spend time “catching up”. Elaine’s family is centered in northeast Indiana and my folks and siblings are all still in the Willamette Valley.




Work/Career: Artist, absentee slumlord, solar “cowboy” .

Interests: Fly fishing, running, backpacking, hunting

Spouse: none, send single women north!




Into my ninth year as Executive Director of the Idaho State Historical Society. Have now also served 21 years as either Mayor or a City Councilman in Eagle, Idaho (wondered sometimes if an interest in “taking care of the needs of others” began while a manager on coach John Platt’s CHS wresting team.

Graduated from Idaho state University in 1969. Was presented the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the ISU College of Arts and Sciences for work done in professional positions and in the community.

My greatest success: A wife of 38 years (Donna), three married children and eight grandchildren.

Previous jobs included executive positions as the Idaho Community Foundation, with the US West Foundation and at US West Communications. Other community involvement has included serving on boards of such groups as the Girl Scouts, Ballet Idaho, Idaho Consumer Affairs, Association of Idaho Cities and as a volunteer at the Eagle Fire Department.




Allen and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in June with a “Remember When” (Alan Jackson’s hit for you country fans) party. We danced and had a special cake and many friends from all areas of our lives.

We still have an operational 4-acre vineyard and enjoy country life and feeding our 50 species of birds and several squirrels as well. Our new “kids” are Karma and Kaper, 5 month old sweet Whippet girls. Our 5 cats are adjusting!

Both our sons are doing well---Shawn graduated from LCC in June and is continuing his education at U of O next fall. Christopher moved to New York City a year ago to pursue his career as a film director and is a waiter in Manhattan.

Allen and I continue to golf, hike, travel and enjoy life!




This is not about knowing about me, it is about communicating how important our Corvallis experience is in my life, from the time I entered kindergarten at Harding School, Highland View Junior High and culminating with Corvallis High. You and our experiences are my reality, my reference point. As I go through life, I compare what I observe, with what I experienced during my formative years in Corvallis. What I generally conclude is that my classmates in Corvallis were some of the brightest, kindest, most interesting and fun people I have known and represent a very diverse spectrum of our society. Thank you for the critical times we shared. We can imagine things being different, like changing channels on a TV but the reality is we are stuck with what we had and I believe it was very good. Thanks again.




     Currently the operative word is RETIREMENT. I retired from the Albany School District in June. After spending 19 years as an elementary teacher and 13 years as a middle/high school counselor, I decided it was time for a change. Dick will not retire completely but will take more time away from his diesel repair business.

     Our three children all live in the Sherwood/Newberg area so we are fortunate to see them often. Two of the three are married and have blessed us with four of the most awesome grandchildren.

     Dick and I continue to enjoy traveling/camping around the Pacific Northwest on our motorcycle. We also love being on the water and moor our boat on the Columbia River. Dick and the kids fish (I read) and then we all play in the water . Great fun.

     As for the future….wow…who knows. We are planning a trip to the Northeastern states in September/October. We’ll visit family and enjoy the changing of the seasons. I’m taking a Master Gardener class in the winter. I’ve always enjoyed working in the dirt. And Dick sounds like he has a growing interest in setting up a woodshop. Mostly we are looking forward to an increase in time for family and friends….and volunteering in our community and church.