To Get Started...

Welcome CHS Classmates!  Thanks for coming by!  If this is your first visit, read this page to see how to get started.  Create your own web page and add your photos.  You can share your page with everyone or only with classmates who log in to the site.

Create or edit your Classmate page:  If you submitted information for our old website, we transferred it to the new site.  To update that information or to create a new page if you don't already have one, click Classmates at the top left. Find your name and click it to display the Join Here! page.  Click click here now.

Correct your name if necessary.  Enter your e-mail address and a password.  You do not have to enter any other information although you can enter your city and state if you feel comfortable doing so.  Because of privacy concerns, we prefer that you email Mike Franklin ( with your address and phone number for the master list.

Click Proceed to Step 2 to display the Profile Details page.  Fill in the form.  This is the information people see when they visit your page.  You do not nave to complete every section.  If you do not enter information for a section, that section will not display on your page.  You can update your information at any time.  Note the privacy options at the bottom of the page.  Check Profile Visibility if you do not want search engines and the public to see your page.  Check Contact Details to allow Classmates to see your address and phone number.  (We recommended above that you do not enter them.  Classmates can always e-mail you.)

Click Proceed to Step 3 to display the Log In page.