Multi-Class and 55th, 2021


Hello, All!

At the July 18th Zoom monthly planning meeting for the All 60’s Annual Gathering and CHS ’65 -55th reunion scheduled for August 28-29, 2020, it was decided that we would DEFER this year’s events in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic and set our efforts toward planning for a better year in 2021.

We are working to hold all events planned for 2020 in 2021 on the last weekend before Labor Day (August 27-28, 2021).  Individual event organizers will be working with the venues this week to extend our reservations (Corvallis Club, New Morning Bakery, Corvallis Parks and Rec) to these dates.   Plans are also in place to hold the 55th reunion of CHS ’65 in the 56th year!  A big Thank you! to all of the organizers for their hard work this year.

Though we will not gather in person, please stay tuned for future information about a possible Zoom virtual Gathering meeting event this year, perhaps on August 28th or 29th, 2020 and a notice on the Marquee of the Whiteside Theatre in mid-late August, 2020, announcing the deferment of this year’s events  and updates on what we can do to support our scheduled event venues and other local businesses who will not benefit from our presence this year.

We look forward to being able to gather together in health and safety in 2021!

Best wishes!  


Though the 2020 events have been deferred, we have left them in place here so that you can plan ahead for 2021!

CHS 60s Annual Gathering AND 55th Reunion (Class of ’65)

“Forming, renewing, building and maintaining friendships (in Changing Times)

Our 3rd Annual ALL 60s CHS Multi-Class Gathering with the classes of ‘60 - ‘69 and those who identify with members of those classes is currently scheduled for August 28 and 29, 2020. 

The Class of '65 is also planning a 55th Reunion celebration on the evening of the 29th in conjunction with the All 60s Gathering and all who are attending the other All 60s events are invited as well. 

Given the uncertainty around pandemic distancing guidelines and the need to be safe, a final determination on gathering this year will be announced July 28th!  Stay tuned in by checking your class website or Facebook page for updates.

Also check this website:

You do not need to log in to this website to see the All 60’s information.

If you are not taken directly to the link above, go to homepage and Then look to the yellow box on the left of this page.  The first listing will be “60s Gathering & 55th Reunion” then click the arrow to the RIGHT of that listing. You should be able to open an RSVP form (and 2019 guide to wining and dining in Corvallis).  We will be revising the dining guide later this summer with updated information.

The Facebook Page hosted by Bob Hansen will also have up-to-date information.  The Facebook page is named Corvallis High School ‘60’s Annual Gathering.  Please visit (and “Like” it!) to let your friends find it.

Please, please help us get the word out by sharing with all your Spartan friends who are not on Facebook or the class websites.

Here is a link to the Visit Corvallis website:

This website provides lists of places to stay, dine and visit during your stay.  It is a great source for Corvallis in COVID-19 times.