Harvey Brooks-deceased

Harvey Brooks

Harvey S. Brooks (1925-1996) was Director of Bands at Corvallis High School from 1957-1983. As an educator, mentor, and jazz performer, his influence on countless young musicians was immeasurable. His legacy lives on through the many teachers, professional and amateur musicians, and life-long lovers of music who benefited from his enthusiasm and high standards in jazz and symphonic music. His wife, Kerry, passed away in December of 1999. She too was an avid supporter and believer in the power of music education and helped make Harvey’s contributions possible.

Kathy Brooks Becker is his daughter.  She's married to Dave Becker, another band director, who graduated from CHS in 1967. 

***Announcing the Harvey and Kerry Brooks Memorial Scholarship in Music Education. A $1000. Scholarship awarded annually to a student in instrumental music education. Applicant requirements: Instrumental music education major, demonstrated proficiency in jazz, interest in jazz education; junior, senior or graduate masters program status; for use in a program leading to teacher licensure in music .

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