Jackie Boydston Boettcher

Jackie Boydston
(City) State or Country Olympia, WA USA

Biographical information written by Jackie, November 30, 1993-Olympia, Washington

I’m alive and well in Olympia, Washington. By the way, I traded in my previous last name of Geppert for Boettcher (divorced in 1987 the week of my 40th birthday!). It’s pronounced Betcher. Don and I met through friends 5 years ago. We were married on the Kona Coast at the beach on the Big Island of Hawaii at sunset with our families attending the service.

I have twin sons who are now 23 years old. They were born in Frankfurt, West Germany in 1970. One lives in Seattle and is finishing up at the U of W in aeronautical engineering. The other lives in Los Angeles and is saving souls in the inner city for the Church of Christ. Don’s daughter is 16 years old and a sophomore.

I work as a planner for the City of Olympia. I staff the City’s Design Review (architectural review) Board and the Site Plan Review (technical) Committee. I finally got my Bachelor’s degree in 1980 from The Evergreen State College-Class of the Ash (St. Helens, that is). This year I’ve been able to unite the Master builders, Chamber of Commerce, The Board, and the local architects in revisiting the Design Guidelines for the City.

In 1987 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve had double mastectomies and reconstruction. I can now wear plaid again! I remain cancer free-knock on wood! I helped set up a Cancer Survivor’s Resource Center at the local hospital. We have volunteers staffing the library of books, tapes, videos, pamphlets, and various types of prostheses. We also have a buddy system set up for newly diagnosed cancer patients who want to connect with a cancer survivor who had the same type of cancer. And we have an annual event. We’re planning an all day forum in the Spring to include workshops to discuss various issues regarding cancer and surviving it.

Don and I have a 22 foot sailboat, “Microwave” and 4 cats-Frank Lloyd White, Rainbow, Ashley and Felix.