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Sally McMurphey Tucker remembers Veronica

I was so saddened to read of Veronica Horvath's passing, and suicide just breaks my heart.  We were friends too, fellow horsey people.  I spent a lot of time with her at her family's place in the country - we would row a boat around their man-made lake, swim, ride horses, etc... It was so hard moving so far away and losing touch with everyone... wish I could have been there for her, I had no idea.

Kate McDonald remembers Veronica

One of the most useful classes that I took in high school was shorthand (!).  It came in handy later  for taking notes in meetings or on the phone.

One reason shorthand has been useful was because I got pretty good at it and the reason for that was Veronica.  I sat next to Veronica--in the front row at the right hand table--for a whole year.  Veronica could take shorthand the fastest in the class, but once in a while she would let me catch up.  That way she pushed us both all year long.  It was fun.  We were young then.

I look at your picture now and wonder what demons drove you to take your life.  I am so sorry:  for you, your parents, and those of us from high school who remember you fondly and miss you at the reunions.  You'll always be part of my life.


We are grateful to Susan Baker Smith for Veronica's obituary

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Nancy Lane (Justice)

Veronica was my best friend in highschool.She was a very attractive,intellegent,caring person. We almost always had lunch time together. I fondly remember overnight visits. She was an avid knitter and taught me to knit. She would knit sweaters for her family members at christmas time. Thanks to her I too have a great love for knitting. Veronica married Myles Robinson right out of high school and they moved to the Olympia Washington area. Myles was a college professor and Veronica attended Evergreen College. I visited her and Myles two times before her death. She met my first child and we did keep in touch by letters. I recieved a letter from Myles one month after her death telling me she had taken her own life. It came as such a shock and only God and Veronica know why it happened. She was just an amazing person and was always there for me and others and will forever be missed.
She passed away in 1968.

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