Richard Keniston

Profile Updated: May 31, 2015
(City) State or Country Aloha, OR USA
Spouse/Partner Janet Young of Hillsboro; she divorced me in 2004 - no reason
Military Service ARMY  
Children, grandchildren Amy Rebecca, born 1977 - degree from OSU in Animal Science; Jacob Robert, born 1981 - Eagle Scout, married More…to Amy Beth & expecting daughter in August 2010 - B & M degrees Electrical Engineering from U. Rochester, NY, Navy Lieutenant in Sonar Research; Stephen Rishi, born 1987 in Calcutta, India, adopted at age 3 months, Life Scout - electronics genius, largest person with by far the biggest feet in family - think of Punjab in Little Orphan Annie

APRIL, 2010

Retired US Army Pathologist LTC, retired medical researcher, 45 publications.

Boy Scout and Venturing leader; Advisor, Crew 225 & Committee, Troop 225; Tuality District Venturing Chairman & Cascade Pacific Council Venturing Board

Volunteer, Hillsboro Elks Lodge & Red Cross

Youth Fund Raising Chairman, Beaverton Christian Church.

Data analysis, political, social, economic, environmental, etc. issues. Huge data files by state, by county, by city, by neighborhood, by nation, & longitudinal covering wide variety of issues. By state data file has over 5,200 variables, updated almost daily.

Hobbies: Bowling, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, White Water Rafting, etc.

Divorced in 2004; three adult children: Amy, 31; Jacob, 27; Stephen, 21

Camping in 2008: Royal Family Kids' Camp at Canby Grove -- counselor; Boy Scouts at Camp Easton in Idaho -- first aid & environmental science counselor; Venturing Adventure Trek at Wasco County Fairgrounds near Tygh Valley -- medic for canoeing, white water rafting, and mountain biking races.

Serve as medic at various Boy Scout and Venturing activities; since 1965, I attended OSU with degree in Microbiology; two years in US Army - Field Artillery Fire Direction Control & Engineering OCS; Medical Degree - Oregon Health Sciences University, 1975; Pediatrics Resident & Research Fellow, 1975-1978; US Army Pathologist 1978-1989; Senior Research Fellow, Portland Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation Cener, 1990-1999; IBM - 1999-2000; Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Economics Research, 2000-2003; retired to Boy Scouts & Venturing; activated in 1990-1991 for Operation Desert Shield-Desert Storm, served at 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt, Germany; lived i Tacoma, WA, 1978-1982 & El Paso, TX, 1982-1989; took up square dancing in Texas; Associate Advisor, Biomedical Explorer Posts in Portland & El Paso



I saw Tim Brandenburg, CHS Class of 65, on June 19, 2012, at the First Presbyterian Church in Corvallis at the Celebration of Life for his Mother.Tim is currently Bishop for the Philomath LDS Stake Center and is a retired US Navy Officer, specializing in Hard Hat Diving. Tim & Jane have three children & lots of grandchildren! I cannot find the photos!

My older son Jacob, CHS Class of 1999 (Century High School) is a Reserve US Navy officer, specializing in Sonar Research. He says US Navy sonar research attracts dolphins like flies to sugar & the competing groups of dolphins head butt each other for position next to the Navy ships! Riding the wakes of ships is apparently great fun and well worth fighting over!

I have 36 nights in the sleeping bag so far in 2010! I am a Boy Scout Leader, Crew Committee Chairman for Venturing Crew 225 and Fund Raising Chairman for Troop 225. The latest 5 nights (August 8-13) were at ROYAL FAMILY KIDS CAMP at Canby Grove on the Molalla River! This is a picture of my kids from last year! Mike (bald guy on right) and I had four new kids this year, one of whom was the biggest troublemaker in camp! He was interested in bugs & fishing, and as a naturalist, I was able to identify with him and keep him occupied in productive pursuits, even finding a pickle bucket from the kitchen in which to keep his giant tadpole & crayfish! We were doing the Book of Esther, and we made shields: We were TEAM BRAVE, and the other three boys kept telling IZAC, "You are on our team and we need you!" Izac often was out in deep right field, often in the bushes or even the river! It helped that all four boys were good swimmers and they even allowed us to swim in the river!

AT ADVENURE TREK 2010, HIGH DESERT CHALLENGE OUT OF THE WASCO COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS IN CENTRAL OREGON (August 1-7), THE TEAM FROM CREW 225 (Team 25) CAME IN 8TH OVERALL. No photos back yet! They tied for second in the Whitewater Rafting Race & third in the 25-mile Mountain Biking Race. They lost time & points in the Canoeing Race around Pine Hollow Reservoir because they adults were taking up the orange markers before our second canoe even started the race (we were Team 25 of 25 teams) and in the first leg of the two-day Backpacking Race because the adult who was supposed to direct the hikers at a critical trail junction had already left his post!

I was MEDIC for the nearly 120 youth & 75 adults, mainly making sure nobody got dehydrated or heat exhaustion: I handed out nearly a gallon of water & gatorade per participant per day! We drove over some of the worst forest service roads imaginable! Some spots rounded off to zero miles per hour! I was also driving the youth staff around, including three cute girls, Ashlyn, Ashley, & Chelsea!

We also ran into Ashley as a helpful Forest Service Wilderness Ranger in the Wallowa Mountains! She recently graduated from OSU in Forestry and is now working on a masters degree in Conservation Management!

So Ashley is becoming a common girl's name!

Charles Forslund retired & moved to Bend!

I retired from the US Army, where I was a pathologist & medical researcher! Now I spend most of my time with Scouts, being a Medic and raising funds & fun! I am Medic at Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Ireland, Medic at Venturing Scout Adventure Trek, Medic at Webelos Woods this coming weekend, and a Merit Badge Counselor for First Aid, Personal Fitness, Emergency Preparedness, etc. Merit Badges! I like to go on hikes and climb mountains! So does Charles Forslund!

Richard Keniston, MD, Retired LTC US Army Medical Corps



My 2010 summer camping & hiking record!

1. Boy Scout Outing, Stub Stuart State Park & Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail, 18 miles of hikes (two hikes),June 4-6, youth 11 to 17 years! (I am merit badge counselor for Hiking Merit Badge!)

2. Boy Scout Summer Camp, Camp Meriwether just south of Cape Lookout, July 5-10, youth 11 to 17 years! I helped teach First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, & Personal Fitness merit badges!

3. Mt. St. Helens Blast Area, 18-mile hike, with Charles Forslund, July 14, youth 62 & 63 years! We are continuing our study of natural versus human-assisted reforestation! There is no comparison; the first doesn't work at all; the second works like a charm! (Troop 225 camped on Stimson Lumber Company land in the Coast Range in April & got to see the many benefits of rational scientific management of the our forests! The herds of deer & elk certainly thought there were many benefits to them!)

4. Eagle Cape Wilderness Area, Wallowa Mountains, July 18-23, youth aged 28 & 57 to 63 years! Intrusive igneous granite compares very favorably with extrusive igneous lava & basalt elsewhere in Northwest!

5. Adventure Trek, High Desert Challenge, Central Oregon, out of Wasco County Fairgrounds at Tygh Valley, August 1-7, youth aged 13 to 20 years!

6. Royal Family Kids Camp, Canby Grove, August 8-13, foster kids 6 to 11 years! This year, we had two 10-year old and two 11-year old boys. One was a real handful! Our true stories about police activities (Jim the relief counselor) & pathology cases along the Tex-Mex border (Richard,
7 years as pathologist at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso) kept the kids quiet after lights out! No nightmares, just intelligent questions the next day! The unvarnished truth is far better than scary ghost stories!

7. Troop 225 Boy Scout Outing, Indian Henry Camp on Clackamas River, August 20-22, youth 11 to 17 years! Fishing & hiking opportunities!

Also a lot of our Troop 225 youth & adults went to the 100th Anniversary US National Boy Scout Jamboree at Camp A.P. Hill in Virginia!

Our motto is, "Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, 'till you find your dream!" There are lots of dreamy places in Oregon & Washington!

Update April 7, 2015:

I have two grandchildren, children of my older son, Jacob Robert Keniston and his wife, Amy Elizabeth. Ashley Rose was born August 9, 2010, in Hillsboro and Oliver Roland was born February 27,2014 in Seattle, WA. Jacob's family currently lives in Redmond, Washingon, where he works on the Microsoft Campus for Honeywell Aerospace as an Electrical Engineer in accelerometers and thermal sensors. Ashley like computers and hiking and starts to Kindergarten next fall, while Oliver (call him Olaf, which is Norse version) is currently mainly into walking and talking.

School Memories

Oregonian newspaper route with 200 customers - Junior Dealer trips to Disneyland, San Francisco, Seattle World's Fair & Victoria, BC, etc; Boy Scout Troop 1 & Explorer Post 1 - Life Scout - lots of backpack trips; Scientia - won Bausch-Lombe Science Award - aced all science courses, including Biology II, Human Biology, Physics, Chemistry; Teenage Republicans - attended 1964 Republican National Convention in Daly City, CA; Youth Group, First Congregational Church

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Dear Patty, I also have three children and two grandchildren! Children are Amy Rebecca 1977, Jacob Robert 1981, and Stephen Rishi 1987. Stephen was born in Calcutta, India, and is getting married to Rachel on August 15, 2015. Jacob is married to another Amy and they have two children: Ashley Rose 2010 and Oliver Roland 2014. My wife Janet divorced me in 2004 and I currently am retired from the U.S. Army, where I served as a Pathologist for 20 years. I also did medical research and specialized in Fetal Maturity Testing, Nutrition, and Occupational Medicine. I have over 40 publications & book chapters. I am looking forward to this 50th Reunion and meeting Patty and everyone else we went to school with in Corvallis. I knew that Patty and I had the same kindergarten teacher at Harding Elementary School, but it turns out I was Mrs. Ivers morning class and Patty was in the afternoon class. I know attend Beaverton Christian Church and am an usher and am active in Men's Fellowship and in my Life Group. I used to be active in Boy Scouts & Venturing, but they threw me out because I was too conservative, too dedicated to Duty too God & Country & morally straight!


Jun 04, 2015 at 1:59 AM

Interesting read, Richard. At Beaverton Christian did you happen to know the Gary Dahl family - Aaron was an Eagle Scout. Also, did you ever run across Dr. Jim Schimschock, child neurologist, or Dr. Chris Hauge, plastic surgeon involved in hand surgery and rehab.? I started a clinic at Good Sam in Portland for children with nerve and brain damage and ran it in the 70's. I had doctors from OHSU support the children we saw in our program as well as refer patients. My oldest son was born in 79 and is Downs Syndrome. He attended classes at OHSU as well as the program I started at Good Sam. Just curious. See you in August as I am attending for the first time.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
Here are pictures of Ashley Rose Keniston, my two-year old granddaughter, offspring of my older son Jacob and his wife, Amy! They live in Redmond, Washington, where he works for Honeywell Aerospace as a Quality Control Electrical Enginneer for the Accelerometer & Thermal Sensor Assembly Lines - these go into everything that flies in the atmosphere or outer space, and HAVE to work the first time and every time! Jacob is a full Lieutenant in the US Naval Reserve. Ashley is sweeping down the pyramid her father in the purple shirt just built! I gave her the animals! Ashley wants to be a zookeeper & demolition engineer! She loves her Noah's Ark!
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
Ashley's birthday party, August 24, 2012
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
KATHERINE KENISTON SAYS, "We planted this Western Red Cedar on 30th Street in May 1952, after the OSU Fernhopper Banquet; now even two of us together cannot reach around it!" Richard says, "We kids planted thousands of trees with OSU Herr Doctor Professor of Forest Management Dad and most of them are now huge! Many are too big for modern sawmills! Dad favored Douglas Fir & Ponderosa Pine! I stole the pine cones from squirrel caches! Otherwise, harvesting cones is very difficult!"
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
CHARLES FORSLUND, CHS CLASS OF 65, SAYS, ON JULY 14, 2010, "After 30 years, this is the tallest natural conifer we could find in the VALLEY OF DEATH between Johnston Ridge & Mt. St. Helens!" It was growing in deer AND elk poop! The volcanic soil is nearly devoid of nitrogen and it may take 200 or 300 years to restore the forest naturally, whereas there is a great conifer forest already on the private land in the Blast Area, where they planted & fertilized the trees! This mountain is broken & needs to be fixed! Doing nothing but allowing Nature to take her own course will not help! She is pretty lazy! And incompetent!
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
These are the foster boys at Royal Family Kids Camp at Canby Grove! Plus Richard Keniston, Mike Johnson, & Austin, our junior counselor in training! Nice cabin! Nice after lights out discussions!
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
A GERMAN TOURIST TOOK THIS PICTURE OF CHARLES FORSLUND & RICHARD KENISTON ON JULY 14, 2010! Mt. Adams & the pyroclastic flow are in the background! We were on our way up to Lowit Falls, which drains the Crater of Mt. St. Helens! We thought maybe we were on the Moon - or Mars! Charles has one son, Nick, who recently graduated from high school and he plans to move to the Bend area when his house in Mukiteo, WA, sells. Chuck is a retired US Navy Civilian Economist-Computer Specialist!
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
RICHARD KENISTON FILTERING WATER WITH OLDEST NEPHEW, ROBERT, ON JULY 21, 2010, IN EAGLE CAP WILDERNESS AREA, AT 7,300 FEET ELEVATION, WALLOWA MOUNTAINS BACKPACK TRIP WITH KATHERINE & JIM. Eagle Cap is in background. Robert, Jim's son, & my younger son, Stephen, were born in Calcutta, India! Robert is an Eagle Scout, as is my older son, Jacob, who just made me a grandfather on August 9, when his wife Amy Messina Keniston (no connection to the Sicilian Mafia!) gave birth to Ashley Rose at 7 lbs 8 oz.
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
KENISTON KIDS VISIT NEW CHS ON 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF DAD'S BIRTH, MARCH 29, 2010; from right to left, Anne, Public School Administrator - 1963; Richard, Retired US Army Pathologist & Medical Researcher; - 1965; Katherine, Medical Center Journalist - 1967; and Jim, Zoologist & IBM Software Engineer - 1971. We are also all graduates of OSU & visited there, as well.