Jennifer Long Belin

Profile Updated: August 5, 2011
Jennifer Long
(City) State or Country Anchorage, AK USA
Spouse/Partner Lynden Belin
Web page
Children, grandchildren Rhonda born Oct 1967, Moved to Ohio
Her children are Avery-20 & Taylor-18
Ericka, born Dec More…1976, lives in Illinois
Daughter Alex is 4 months old
Henry, born Aug 1982, lives in Alaska

What have I been up to? I would summerize my life to be passionate and am glad to still be alive! I've worked in Libraries, waited tables, drove school bus, been a homemaker, did civilian service, been Pastors' right hand, raised & showed Chow Chows, and now I am knitting and still doing several of the above. Life is not boring! Although I have been on Facebook for quite a while, I am now getting into it. I have gone back to using my birth name with married name, see you there, Jennifer Jennings Belin 20110806

School Memories

Quiet walks home from school. Lively week-end dances. Vanilla Holsteins and Cherry Cokes. Pacific City! Dancing to Cher & Bono. Can those days be beat? Yes, preparing others to meet our Lord.