Carolyn Obert Dromgoole

Carolyn Obert
(City) State or Country last Yamhill, OR

1995-Yamhill, Oregon (from 1995 Class yearbook supplement)

After one year of college at OSU my husband Gordon and I returned to his family farm in Yamhill, OR. This farm has two Century Farm awards and my father-in-law wished to retire. I am the secretary and bookkeeper for Dromgoole Farms. Kevin is 24 and graduated in Civil Engineering (OSU). Our other son, Darren, is 21 and a senor at college in Montana. They were champs for NAIA Div. I football and Darren plays football. We attend church at Yamhill. I enjoy sewing & crafts in my spare time.

Spouse: Gordon Dromgoole, Farmer; Children: Darren (21), Kevin (24)