David "Dakan" Allison

Profile Updated: June 13, 2020
(City) State or Country Chiang Mai Thailand
Web page http://www.ki-earth.om
Children, grandchildren Alan, born 1977; Aaron, born 1980

I am an ex-pat living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I write novels. I have a 12 book series and am seeking a patron to make them best sellers. I'm young, active and alive. Life is great!

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Up until now I saw no reason to put any energy into something that happened 50 years ago. I pretty much walked away from high school and college and forgot about them, though I must admit that I liked Corvallis High. Our family moved to Southern California before my senior year. There I was country blue jeans and T-shirts in a Dak slacks and button-down-shirt snobby school. I missed Corvallis High and my friends so much that when Tom McCallum came to visit me we took to the highway. I ran away from home. We hitch-hiked one thousand miles so I could graduate with my Corvallis High class. I'm an artist. I never really had a career. I would have a job for a period of time, finally hate it, try to make it as an artist, go broke, get another job and continue the cycle. Over the years it all added up and I became rather versatile, multi-talented and skilled. I moved to Alaska in the early seventies and became a land surveyor, then a house painter, stained glass artist and owned my own restaurant. I was married in the mid-seventies and had two boys, Alan now 38 and Aaron, 34. They live in Seattle. In 1990 I moved to Kauai as a home builder and went into bartending/waitering, yard maintenance and then became a maid, cleaning vacation rentals . . . and opened a pottery studio. When I turned fifty I decided to stop all other jobs and devote the rest of my life to artistic expressions. I enjoyed being a full time professional artist for 15 years. For some odd reason I've remained single most of my life, although I seem to be surrounded by beautiful women. Throughout my life I've continued with historical, spiritual, quantum physics and metaphysical studies. I've slowly developed my skills as a poet and writer. My best wishes for all the class of 65. My visions is for all to have a great time, embracing both the differences and the common oneness we all have living on this wondrous spaceship Earth.
I have lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2011.

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Hi Adie - Fascinating for me to see your bio I live on Kauai from 1990 to 2010 and have lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 3 1/2 years and have made several trips to Cambodia. I was thinking I wouldn't go to the reunion because maybe I wouldn't meet anyone I could relate to. Single world traveling novelist. This is me at Angkor Wat.

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This is me in March 2014 in Kauai, on a trip to the US from my home in Thailand. I have now finished four novels in my five novel Shambala series. Two Crows is the first book of the Shambala series. In my novels, I have a detective, romance and adventure story that begins in Portland, Oregon and goes to the Blackfeet reservation in northern Montana. The Business Council there had just leased ten square miles of reservation land to DuPont Pioneer to grow GMO wheat. This begins a long five book series that takes to reader to the other side of the world, to the Himalayas into Tibet, to the “mythical” valley of Shambala, into the 5th dimension and back to Portland, Oregon – and the 5th book — The Shambala Affair, where the food corruption in the US is faced head on. Email me at dakan@ki-earth.com if you want to read the first book for free.

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This is a picture of me taken in Thailand March 2012