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Kathy was living in Renton, Washington when she died of a stroke.  She is survived by her husband, Lou Roberts, also one of our classmates.  We extend our sympathies to Lou.

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01/25/14 05:15 PM #1    

Louis Roberts

Update - Christmas, 2014

There was a time not so long ago, that I could not have conceived of writing this; fortunately, with enough time, pain fades somewhat, and (with luck and blessings) warmth and love remains.

From my 2013 Christmas Letter - OK, that's my first ever Christmas Letter.

Some weeks after Kathy's passing, all her workmates ganged up on me; they took me to dinner at the Golden Pheasant, a neighborhood Chinese restaurant, which was one of Kathy's favorite places. The Hospital Medical Records crew (they referred to themselves as "Valley Girls") all went out for dinner every so often, and had many good times there. Forty-one guests + me, and it was wonderful. Stories, many wonderful, warm, touching, funny stories... much remembering, much sharing of love, and it was very good indeed.

We (Freed family + me) have not as yet had a formal remembrance; Kathy and I both decided on cremation, which happened for her. I received her remains, which are still with me. I might have liked to be with Mom and Vinnie, but that is not possible, as they both are in Tahoma National Cemetery. He was entitled to Arlington, but decided it was "too far for family." Only the spouse may accompany - no issue are allowed. Failing that, I'd feel at home with the Freeds, and I know Kathy would, as well. I've asked, and they are welcoming. Put that in the "to be done" column. Even now, she sits beside me, as she did in life.

I think of her often, now, as then. No special remembrance, merely an informal remembrance at every meal I make (we cooked together), with every book I read (we'd read passages to one another,) and every cat I hug, on hearing certain songs... crap, there I go again... (interval)... sorry... 

This I know: when you love someone, tell them. Let "I love you" be the last words they hear on parting, and the first words heard on meeting again - even on exiting a room. Do not stay angry - wrath should cool quickly, like chicken, lest it spoil. Speak your kindness often - the last door shuts tight, and the sound of the slam echos a long time.


01/26/14 10:27 AM #2    

Roger Warren

Lou, please keep up the chatter on your CHS page.

01/26/14 10:48 AM #3    

Jerry Carlin

Have a great adventure Lou and thanks for telling us about it!  So sorry about Kathy; the memories will be forever.  Just a reminder! You taught me about making bombs before they became popular and commonplace!

And how to crack a bullwhip!  I think you will do fine!  Jerry

01/26/14 10:16 PM #4    

Michael Lyne


Send me your email & I would privately like to share some encouraging thoughts.

thank you.

mike lyne    ps   ever think about the old old days with neil macswan n u and me in whatever classes??

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