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Neil MacSwan
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Mar 04, 2021 at 2:58 PM

I did not know Alan well in school.  What I do know is that his experience in the 1st Calvary in Vietnam was some of most intense fighting in the war.  As an Army medic he was involved in saving lives of many fellow soldiers.  He was in some horrific situations daily.  In my humble opinion he is an American hero.

I was not with him, but I have read extensivley on the war and recommend the book "CHICKENHAWK" by Robert Mason for those who would like to know about the war Alan was in.  I am proud to have known him.

After learning the history of that small country in SE Asia I have realized  the enormous mistake our politicians got us into.  The US dropped more bombs on that country than we dropped in Europe in WW II.  We lost over 600 aircraft, every thing from single seaters to giant B-52 bombers flying out of Guam.  The worst part was the destruction of people on both sides, both physicaly and emotionally.  This is why Alan remained silent.  Even I sitting off the coast of North Vietnam on a Guided Missile Frigate returned with emotional scars.

I have been to the Vietnam memorial in Washington DC and I come to tears just thinking about it here as I write this message.

Thank you Alan for your service.

Neil T. MacSwan, Nooksack WA

Jan 03, 2021 at 1:06 PM

Mac is bac! It made me recall how when biking with you you'd raise your left arm to oncoming cars as if waving, then quickly turn it in to a head scratch as they waved back! The horrible sunburn you got on a Gazette Times day trip to a private lake in the coast range! Hope you're still thriving. I'm in the Portland area now!

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Jan 02, 2021 at 9:49 AM
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Jan 05, 2021 at 4:16 PM

Posted on: Jan 02, 2021 at 1:08 AM

Hello fellow classmates. This is Neil MacSwan checking back into the world after 55 years. I have led a fairly conservative and stable life so far. I served in the USN aboard the USS Fox based out of San Diego for three years completing two cruises to the Tonkin Gulf. I returned to the Portland area and enjoyed skiing on Mt. Hood. Eventually I completed my BS degree at PSU. Marcia and I were married in 1974 and have two sons, Brian and Scott. No goldfish.

In 1980 we both became Christians which was a new world for me. We both came from none Christian backgrounds. In 1990 we sold our home in Portland, quit our jobs and found a nice home in Nooksack, WA. I established a lighting business and Marcia was employed with the local school district. We are both retired now and enjoy traveling in our custom camper van. Both boys are in the area. Brian was in Salem for awhile at Morning Star community Church involved in youth ministry and Corban College. He now leads a new church plant called Legacy Church in Bellingham. His wife is Sjana and they have three children. Scott is in the USAF and has been stationed around the county. He currently flies C-17 cargo planes out of McCord AFB near Dupont. He also flies for Delta Airlines out of Seattle. His wife Sarah is also in the USAF as an intelligent officer and won't tell me much. They have three children also. Both families have their children enrolled at Trinity Classical School, a new Christian school in Bellingham. Brian is a member of the National Ski Patrol at Mt. Baker. Marcia and I both enjoy having the families near us, something we never expected.

Some memories of school: having my dad take Charlie Mench and I to Hoodoo to ski quite often and eventually I became a Senior National Ski Patrolman-too small to play sports, traveling to Europe for 10 weeks with Joel McDowell, being crazy and immature-still am a a little, having a paper route, not trying as hard as I could in my academics, having Craig Gillis help with my paper route, having Steve Dixon and Mike Ralston as my neighbors.

All the best to all, Neil.