Ann Metzer Holder Preston

Profile Updated: November 11, 2020
(City) State or Country Hollywood, MD USA
Spouse/Partner Richard Preston
Children, grandchildren Children: Ellisa (1972), Tara (1974), John (1981)
Grand children: Eli (2001), Anna (2003), Ryan More…(2009), Katy (2010), Cora (2012), Maddy (2013), Gavin (2012) Alyson (2017)
Step children: Jordon (1998), Zoe (1999), Jaiden (1980)

January 2015
After graduating from CHS we moved to California and I went to CSU Chico majoring in art with the intention of being a high school art teacher....which I did one year! I got married in 1970 and we moved to Arizona,Texas, Indiana and Taiwan as he finished his years in the army and his masters in Chinese. In the meantime I had our two daughters. In 1976 we moved to northern Virgina as he began working for the CIA. Over the years we moved to China, Malaysia, Tawain (again!) and Italy, returning to Virginia between tours. At each of these postings I taught at an American School. My husband and I separated in 1972 and the children and I returned to California where I taught middle school language arts and social studies.
I have remarried, retired from 25 years of teaching and we are now living in Southern Maryland. I have three wonderful children (one born in Hong Kong two graduating from school in Taiwan) and now 8 lovely grandchildren (and 3 step grandchildren!). Since children are on both coasts we fly back to West Coast several times a year.
I am now finally getting back to my love of art. I mainly paint in watercolor and am in a gallery and have been in art exhibits. It's great to be retired!! Check out for my art or go to AnnPrestonArt on facebook.

School Memories

*Watching football games in the freezing rain.
*Being in Mr. T's English class and listening to the news of JFK's shooting on the intercom
*Taking the SAT's with a miserable cold
*Typing class and the Mickey Mouse ears.
*Art with Mr. Bates and making my first clay pots
*Pep Club and learning hand movements
*Dancing in socks

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Happy birthday Susan....

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Cathy....I wish you a happy, happy birthday "old" friend. I would really like to get in contact with you!

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Hi Susan....hope you're well. And wishing you the best for 74!!

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Wow....I tried to send an email to you, but it came back! I really want to get in touch with you, but don't know how....hope you respond to this!!

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Happy Birthday Cathy....!
Wow...73! How did we get so old?!?

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Happy Birthday Susan! Wish I could pop in and see you!

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Hi Cathy..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!..Hope you are doing well...and I wish you the very best for 72!

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Hi dear old friend...hope you have a wonderful day! Wish I could pop in and see you!

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